soul’s secret

the moment they met

The sun spins magic

He saw the moon in her eyes

And dream with her in paradise.


She smiled at him one day,

Catching a glance his way.

He’s stoned as steel,

Knees buckled, feet turn into a bubble.


Stoned whenever she’s near

The words hang in his throat

Unable to croak.


As years gone by

So is the color in their eyes,

He waited….

She waited….

Nothing’s done.



they met on a platform where the train is about to go.

Petrified as their souls crash in an opportune time.

Two souls collide and flew with wings to paradise,

Burning with fiery fire unleashed desires.


Two souls lost in the highway to hell.

They knew what it was to be haunted for life

For such a moment to waste without knowing each other.


There was a spark,

She hated chemistry

A lesson she have to endure.



We touched

Senses undefined

Intangible yet tangible.


calling you, one somber night

Curling in bed wishing death

Trying to put my demons asleep.


You tiptoed in silence

a comforting presence

Though you’re not there.



surviving madness in pieces of my soul

surviving from every onslaught of struggles every day trying to survive from the painful path of transformation.  The pain and longings in the seat of the souls escalate every living second. Trying to find something that wasn’t there coveting even an ounce of happiness that was so distant. The heaven’s cried in defeat as it pours its raging emotion to the ground with vehemence. There’s a missing piece that needs to find in looking for a fix of finding oneself that was lost and scattered in pieces along this life’s journey. Trying to go back and retrieve the best part of me,  but was getting lost in the maze of crippling emotions and conflicting thoughts when the heart and mind don’t cooperate with each other making the confusion grow into monumental walls desperate to climb. Drowning from self-pity and defeat from the demons that taunt every decapacitating moment of weakness.  The longing in my soul to find that missing part of me, conspiring with the universe to search for it. Maybe, he is the answer to my existence as deep in my heart and soul there’s a longing to find him or my journey in this world will be futile.  There are millions of people in the world could I met them in this lifetime? Is it possible as I question my mind in this colossal doubt and struggle whether I can find him or not?    Holding the jade bracelet between my eyes admiring its beauty an intricate but delicate design molded to it in gold. It’s beautiful to look at and put it in the safest place inside a wooden chest.  Ok world, here I come!

As she set forth an unchartered journey into the unknown she was afraid that she needs to solve the puzzle surrounding the legend of the bracelet.  Every one of her crazy family after college was sent on an adventure to find every missing piece of the gem as an initiation to the greater challenge they have to face ahead of them. She wants to question the mystery of her existence but first, she has to find every missing stone that leads to the answer of her quest.  She wasn’t sure if she’s ready to set foot in this adventure fear and anticipation filled her lungs and endless questions inside her mind are streaming in. She was afraid that something might turn out not right that there’s a voice inside her head urging her to go on. Her grandpa told her to follow the stars , if she ever did she,   she will never get lost.







I was writing prose then come out to this it was unplanned and so out of place but sometimes it’s good to try, come up with something that comes up with a bit of inspiration.  I don’t know where it’s coming from. Life’s journey is filled with lessons, reason, and meaning that sums up to our journey on earth. I believe in my heart and soul that we are born with an innate light from within but we have to find it. After finding every piece of that treasure scattered around us is a chestful of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, about life, love, and light. We are all an embodiment of greatness inside us if we set time to find it.To look for it in every heart of a person. There’s a truth that needs to be uncovered. inside us that we alone can understand…pieces of my soul





thank you, my dear friend

You came in the darkest hour

When days are darkened with despair.

When the call of the universe are answered

You are there.

When all the constellations collide.

At the right moment catching our eyes

You’re the first to answer that cry.

With your smile as I sat by my window and say, ” hi”.

Continents and distances do not matter

As we sat in front our computer at first,”hello”

my friend, you are heaven sent.

I thought you might have wings.

I thank the heavens above

As the lines are open between us

Talking early mornings and every afternoons

I poured out my  soul’s secrets to you

As our friendship deepened

You’re always there willing to listen

At my endless whinings

As you sat there unmasking yourself.

You are here in my heart forever,

And I realize we are looking for friendship

For a connection that you and I, understand.

As deep as the ocean below

As high as the heavens above

My dearest friend, thank you

For being there when I need you

Giving me strength when there was none.

Your energetic vibrations entwined with mine.

You give me a reason to believe in myself,

When I was inside that shelf bruised and broken from grief.

Thank you for being there.

Opening doors for me to believe in dreams,

even everything was darker at the seams.

To believe in the magic of the universe,

the passion for writing poetry.

Do you think I can forget you?

You’re etched in my heart in golden threads

As the tapestry of life makes your connection spreads

As soulmates meet and make our journeys complete,

As I pledge with the universe that you’re friendship will  be with me for always

Don’t you think I will forget you?

I  will always think highly of you.

You’re a man of dignity, integrity,

and discipline always keep your words

And keep your dealings clean.

I finally realize…

I finally realized we are mirroring each other’s eyes.


Thank you for being there,

As I offer my fervent prayer

May our loving God in heaven

Fill your days with love and happiness

Seasoned with successes in everything that you do.

Thank you for being my soulmate, and my friend.


I just wrote it for a friend of long ago. Who never left my mind since. All I want to say is, thank you.

endless self- talk

Raindrops fell, a shower of blessings from the sky as the clouds gave way its collection of tears letting go of every heavy weight, each numbing burden, and crippling pain. It pours in washing pent up emotions to cleanse the psyche selfish intentions. Drenching the bed where once dried grasses grow, in the colorful field of wildflowers. Soon lushfully everything grows where every creature roams and nest.

When heavy clouds disperse shows off golden rays of happiness the sun will shine brighter than it has been before, happiness smiling at every door.


Brave the odds silence every nagging fear. Get up and fight in righteous conduct. It’s not about luck it’s about persistence to endure with patience to rise up.  With the indomitable confidence to win the battles in life.



Discouragement will wear you out, overthinking will tear you down. Follow your heart it will lead you to the road of fulfillment by doing what you love. In time you’ll realize your dreams towards a life of abundance and wholeness will be rewarded. The road ahead is narrow and long, there are pitfalls and hurdles we met as we go on.  Stay on the right road, lead a righteous life. Soon life will reward you the dreams and visions you scattered in the universe. Ask for it, work for it and move ahead with courage and diligence. and a concrete determination to strive harder to meet that desired goals. Persevere with a diligent heart  with the determination to pursue your plans until all your efforts are rewarded soon life will crown you with success.


An assurance appeared when encouragement was needed.

A moment of endless questioning over my mediocre existence

War is raging inside a psyche between the good and evil, a battle at breakneck speed.

Enduring past troubles with acceptance keeping my eyes to heaven.

Trusting that this troubles will end.

Help appears out of nowhere goading me to hope and abide in God’s plan

Whatever happens is no coincidence , nothing happens by chance everything happens for a reason.

A balance needs to manifest by love and harmonious living by letting justice thrives.

That I’m part of a whole interwoven web of universal connection. That I matter.   I’m responsible for everything that will take place if I’m not careful.

I’m not alone

words are empty without action it’s void.

It can touch a soul and tickles a heart to console

it brings magic to our soul.

Like a dream in the night forgotten as we wake up,

but you’re a dream I want to always remember

I want you to know that you’re a friend

I want to treasure for all time.


In the splitting silence of the morning flickering light dawns by my window.

brittle flecks of velveteen violet haze bursting in a golden spiral in the sky.

I’ll face the morning even tomorrow is not promised, I’ll still be here.

with every little gesture of happiness,  I’ll find the place in the sun as a heart is written on every page with passionate thirst aching for redemption. Even tomorrow is too dim to see. I’ll  find my last hope in the hand of the one who truly loves me. In desperation, hope is nowhere to find, basking in the hand of isolation walking barefoot in the loose footing. I’ll put my trust in my maker until the time I’m found by him, with whom I’m bound. At the right time, orchestrated by the power of the divine hand who holds the pen of my destiny. I’ll wait, until the fruit has ripened on the tree it perched.


Who can break someone,

who was already broken?

Who can’t  beat someone who already felt beaten?

Who can’t hurt someone who was already hurt before?

Rising from the fall, I’ve been reborn.

Trying to give up,  feeling that this heart is dying.

Bleeding from the pain of missing the mark.

ashamed of the past where he tore me apart,

wrecking havoc of my life and a friend, I dearly loved.

I’d rather be alone, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.

I miss the connection of like minded people

who spun the spark of creativity whose,

inspiration are sought with magnitude.

In my journey from the hell and back, though

am missing you as much. With this weapon wield,

wearing an armor and a shield, I’m afraid. I’ve become a warrior

fierce in battle, someone to reckon with, someone who bend but don’t break.

I wish, I knew everything from the start how things must be done now I’m groping in the dark hoping for a hand to guide me home.


Thoughts deeper than the lenient sea.  Upon its Tempest where boats nearly drowned. The rhythmic sway of the waves pulling me asleep suspended in its dark depths. In every stillness of the morning where the coast is clear, sparkling and translucent glass reflecting blue skies. My days is filled with the fullness of his love peaceful and serene. We become one. The ocean and me.   The deep contemplation of his divine power and love wash over me in a mystical robe of oneness.,.  I become one with the earth as I burrowed my feet beneath the sandy shore. I feel loved and sharing this love with you and the world in conflict and chaos may peace abound in the bounty of G-d’s love.


Emerging from the darkness

He called me out from the darkness

to return to the light.

his message  deeply encrypted

like  painted~ tattoo in my skin,

dreary and the sun was nowhere in sight

covered by dark stormy clouds.

The way for the right track is a tricky ride

thorn and thistle covered rough roads

as I stumble on without a light.

stupid  me to believe without him by my side

I can walk without his hand to guide

                                                  my life in his hand he writes.

He is the author of my life.


On this journey, we seek

inside our  heart, we search

finding a treasure, a gem that gleams

out in the cimmerian shade.

the souls who’ve  been perfected.preparing for the everlasting light,

the plight we lead where each breath  is a price

once squandered will be lost in sight.

We simply live to share our light to a world pitch black.



Let G-d lead the way, you’ll be amazed how perfectly he guide us

towards a life well- lived. Sometimes we ask him of boundless blessings,

glory, wealth, fame, and fortune among many grandiose things.

Sometimes he answered with, wait, yes or no and make a graceful gesture

with his mighty hand urging us to come forward and say, ” Come and show me”.

Our words and actions determine the outcome of our undertaking.  Because every time we are dealing with treasures that are infinite and lasting. Show him that you are worthy of his marvelous gift of abundance and affluence. Only if we deserve it.





pieces of my soul


I’ll be left here empty If I threw it all away.

Collecting  tears, sorrow and the pain

Seal it with love and smile beneath the pouring rain.

Put it right here inside the treasure of my chest

Reminding me at times we need someone

To give us a lesson and a reason to live.


Inevitably every season of our life changes.

We dream we create and build and put splashes

Of colorful hues and make everything new.

Every life we touch left an imprint

As they leave a mark that sparks inspiration

an art of creative expression.


Dreaming as dreamers do

Wishing as wishes do come true.

Stars shooting in the sky

I watch you fly, high!

Like an eagle, you push away all the blues

Seeing the beauty that’s you.


I want to forget to leave the past without regret

But you are there…

So I gather all the dew and the mist

To have a taste of happiness

Treasure our memories spread it in the air

With gentle caress for you to remember always.



There’s beauty in solitude,

I can be anything I could.

I don’t have to impress

Left to my own devices

Is great without sensing distractive

energetic vibrations.