how i want to be remembered by you

Written two years ago…time pass by like a fleeting breeze.

living in love

i’ll write more on the pages ofmy blogs that speak your names

i’ll write more of my unspoken love that can’t becutesetbg17 weaned or broken

i’ll write more of my undying love on the pages of my poems

i’ll write more from all the beauty that love brings that awakens my heart

and makes me feel alive that reflects my heart filled passion and compassion

i’ll write more from your inspirations that springs from your motivations

that every dreams and aspirations will come into fruition

i’ll write more of the great wonders of love nourished by the tides and the seasons

the  songs of everlasting love that comes from God above

I’ll write more be it healing or a lesson the teachings of awakenings and transformation leaving the past behind to weild a renewed heart and mind from life’s misfortunes

i’ll write more to  the sea of stars that shuns…

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how can I paint you

10012230_1620670144840695_5835884830100590917_oIf I am a poet,

how can I paint you?

glowing sphere orbs of wonder,

kissing ocean’s cheek

fire erupts in red yellow blush,

before fading to darkness.

the rainbow of colors

playing a captivating hue

couldn’t capture the essence of you.

If I am a poet

I’ll tattoo your body with words

that reflect the significance of

who you truly are.

To capture the brilliance inside you.

An art of beauty

 that holds a transparent light

to illuminate the world in chaos.

Rising above turbulent waves of time.

you’re the emblem of hope

 emits eternal spark of inspiration

 an echo of a life shining  throughout

the ages framing their triumphs

tainted with tears and scars

in a canvass called life

in the pages of history

those who touched

lives in myriad ways.

love around you







I feel it inside me, within my soul

it’s a beautiful feeling that I can’t control.

It makes me laugh, it makes me smile,

without any reasons why.

I daydream while looking at the sky,

I wonder why the trees are greener.

Why the sun seems brighter, smiling down at me,

its rays held a promise of a new day.

The flowers bloom lovelier than before,

blossoms sweetness permeating in the air.

Dark eyes sparkle with surprise

mirrors a glint, a glimmer

an unseen spur of inspiration that can be felt.

With light-heartedness, a pen bleeds with my muse,

the heart feel its tender solace,

while a mind picked by this weird feelings.

Light as a feather flying beyond the clouds.

Sleeping like a child on its cottony softness.

Sparrows are dancing by my window

serenade each morning telling me to wake up

with thanksgiving.

This beautiful spring, the air is filled with anticipation.

My heart echoes their joyful songs as the larks prances

every boughs bench, trilling as they go.

Love is such a magical feeling, a sense of peace and

well- being it brings meaning to every new dawning.

The melody that brings harmony, the symphony of

souls who found the beauty and magic of love.

Each vibrant spirits share the power that can’t be expressed.

Love is you, the rainbow that held a promise every misty morning.

Painting my world with wonders, you’re the cosmos inside me.

While I held these wonderful thoughts of you.

Love is magic, the force inside us that brings us together as one.


a girlish prank. a spur of inspiration. dunno why I wrote this. Love is the greatest nonetheless. I decided to write more about love.

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benifits in writing every day

Writing from an everyday inspiration composing something that happened to the past that tells about life in general,  family, triumphs and our failures. Some are derived from the book that we’ve read.  Writing about the people around us and about everyday happenings. Journaling is a habit that I want to incorporate into my daily life. When preparing for a distant tomorrow wherever my writing skills take me or carry me through. I’ve read that journals are a great way to record your daily thoughts, keeping tracks of your daily activities that can open  insightful,  inspiration for a  future dream of writing a book. It’s either for problem-solving and goal-setting they are two of the major benefits in writing. Every time, we go back and read some of your work you will see how you’ve grown from a few months before. Writing every day, just like most writers do is a habit that they unconsciously engaged in and take definite action to put their thoughts on paper.

Writing is like learning how to swim.  Sliding your body down into the pool smoothly.  The water surrounding you are your thoughts and ideas forming into words. Like water, it must be fluid, smooth and crystal clear in its delivery of ideas and transmit it clearly to their readers.  To be productive we must learn first how to write and think fast. Practice daily until it becomes your daily habit.

To be productive we must learn first how to write and think fast. Practice daily even you don’t feel like writing until it becomes you and then you are your written words.  Writing is like setting ideas beautifully adorned in a perfectly garnished food, set in a silver embossed platter laden with nutritious delicacies that melt in your tongue.

Reading is another form of learning how to write. Before we become good at writing we copy our style and voice from the books we read from the writers we come in contact with until you can create a distinctive voice that is naturally yours. Coined  by Jeff Goins;

“ Creativity is not about coming up with something new and original. It is about borrowing ideas from a variety of sources and re-assembling them into a better or at least different package.

This process is hard work. It involves studying what others have already done and adapting it to your own purposes. If you do this well, you won’t merely copy other people’s work and pass it off as your own. You will build upon it, and make it better. But be careful here, as far too many creatives have gotten lost in the pursuit of originality and damage their work as a result.” ( Jeff Goins)

He said that the process is not easy we have to learn how to steal all the meaty ideas and concept and put an innovative personal touch to it. It’s like putting all the meat and ingredients in the pan,  let it simmer slowly, cooking together the original creative concept. But you will add a  distinct twist to make it more tasteful, delicious and nutritious to make it more readable. There’s value in creating something valuable that directs a way of how one must live.  Like how chefs create a new idea.They can always come up with innovative food solutions. Which might differ from the original recipe and come up with their own innovation.Still, the ingredients and the process are the same they just introduce something new and innovative. The best creative work above all turns out to be the people’s favorite.  Like the works of J.K. Rowling, George R. Martin and among many others out there. I learned from the bible it has become m y spiritual bread where the best advice about knowledge and wisdom compiled from all books are there.

Learn from the great writers how they do it. You can be original but be careful your work will either build you or break you.

the muse


Inside you there’s an unseen brilliance, a light that sparks like wildfire.

It brushes with mine like a contagious disease.

Ripples of canonical phosphorous flames  touching mine; the kindness of your soul.

The fire that consumes my heart,  turning cool like cascading waterfall.

Drawn from the goodness in your heart.

Eyeing me with compassion, believing in the world filled with troubles. It made you crack and impale you like that mysterious moonlight.Your robust understanding with the divine made you a model to mankind. My childhood dreams still alive inside me it never fade with time.

I feel down confuse and alone your hand is always there ready to take me home.

A prayer, I offer though we never see each other anywhere just the words created  on the smooth pages of a paper . A few memento in monuments  a Nobel recognition for someone whose heart as courageous as you.

I was drawn to you,  entranced by the power of your  innate glow.

Inspiring muse and passion explodes, crafted in sleepy pious mood.


How to Read the Bible (sequel 3)

Something…I want to discover closely, a written worlds of treasure.

Immanuel Verbondskind - עמנואל קאָווענאַנט קינד

A Book about God written for us all

Though there are many issues of controversy and concern in the modern age that are not directly mentioned in the Bible we are able to find answers to them in the most sacred book of all times.

English: By Rembrandt. the apostle Paul by Rembrandt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nearly two thousand years ago the Jewish rabbi Saul of Tarsus, today better known as the apostle Paul wrote to the Roman community

Romans 15:4 (TS98)
4 For whatever was written before was written for our instruction, that through endurance and encouragement of the Scriptures we might have the expectation.

Today, many may think the Bible was written to others and has no value for us today. Even when those writings are so old, they are still valuable today. When you want to take time to listen to those words you shall find that those ancient…

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change is inevitable

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life is precious, things are objects that rust and rot from wear and tear.

life evolves from eternity to eternity created by God, the giver of life.

Compassion turns to hate in this cruel world, realities are harsh,  it’s inevitable.

Change is always rolling, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar

to a beautiful butterfly,  from bright sunny morning to a stormy spring.

seeking peace and serenity within, hope is like a seed that keeps on growing,

always believing that each brilliant morning, the transformation of a boy to a man. From a man to an adult child, the miracle of a  rolling stream towards the sea going back to the source of life to vast immensity,  as spirit alight leaving sheltered skin to rest. Deep in the bosom of an ocean, a life evolves as shifting sands of time continue to step forward unmindful of the past.