believe in love

funny feeling seeking

laughter and sunshine

lighting my days for always

painting rainbows in my night sky

when gloomy days evade me

you’re there to brighten my days

love  the world needs

without love life has no meaning

when I found you I know what love is

you make me live again believe in myself

the beauty of living to fight

i know I’ve given you heartbreak

living in illusion knowing you don’t love me

but I’m happy that I found you

maybe, I’ve given you doomsday then

over my overbearing personality

I’m sorry for causing you pain

to believe in dreams than the  truth

i learn better now I can build as well as destroy

the people around me did I love after all?

or did I let other’s suffer a fall

looking back, I see you at the back of my mind

as tears fall like torrents of rain

storms broiling deep within

crushing waves lashing the shore

unforgiving impact hits us apart

friendship torn asunder worlds between

us collapse in seconds  that we build blithely

yet it lasted for eternity

how can I change to be better

to grow and learn to love more than

what I can give hurting other’s instead

let love cover all the pain

forgiving each other over the words said

as distance brought us apart

nostalgic moment makes me seek you

as worries rises in numbers wishing to see

you once again all i have is the picture

on the screen with your dimpled chin

that I asked you to save for me as our parting gift

when sorrow visits me again looking at you

makes my heart aglow without you

like  dried leaves slowly

dying  ruffling unfolding

slowly falling from a tree

missing our friendly laughter

echoing in the air

the times we shared the friendship

I found in you that change my life forever.


One comment

  1. jovenquintos1973 · October 19, 2015

    I love you sweatheart


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