Stars shine through

watching with awe.

Here  on a bench all alone

a bench all alone

something’s missing is you.

Many moons have passed

days have gone to nights

in an endless cycle.

The empty chair beside me

desperately needs a company.

Here, I am all alone

waiting for the moon to cast its gentle glow

lifting sagging spirit under the moon glow

the stars hums a lullaby lulling

me to sleep.

Cuddle me each time I weep

maybe, when the moon rises

you’re the first to set my eyes.

                                                       Sitting here waiting for you,

hope promises made will all come true as tears should fall frothy tides kissing the shore tumble of swirling ruffled skirt with the sea breeze dance.     watching with awe, everything has been missing, are you?











seeds of persistence

Solidify all the works of the angels.

Children of darkness are working double handed,

An eye was taken to shaken the world in fear

teeth plucked caused by war and famines building up

hate in the cavities of the heart.

Who can wash away the tears staining from their eyes?

Where ones there was hope it crumbles in splinters

Hope we can see the good in every situation

Hope, we Paint gray with a rainbow for a bright tomorrow.

Awakened by mind-shattering truths,

Half the world have it all,

Half the world have none.

Planting seeds in the desert could it produce any?

No man is an island they say.  a good leader can turn

Any circumstances around fuelled from the goodness

Of his heart to let a nation rise from nothing.

Time is all we have, patience to wait for rain to fall,

After many years of abstinence,

After all  struggles persistence pays

Those who learn how to wait for their turn in the in the expanse of ten years.

Life is a cycle, they say what comes around goes around.

That was the cruelest thing to say. It means you’re happy when a brother suffers because of a mistake in the past. Rebuke is not a blind form of love it replenishes wise heart.


While looking from afar seeing everything that takes place if words have the power to kill, it also has the power to heal. Like a double-edged sword how we perceive it through the negative or positive lens. Whichever way we choose to perceive what we hear or see. Within the epicenter of the storm who can see the perpetual essence of the situation but from those afar. We as a nation are grateful for the hearts of the leaders in every powerful nation in the world to crush the seeds of injustice. Help we don’t ask but help you gave with an open heart. You see, our nation was bombarded with mutiny, there are rebellious people dividing the nation into an utterly hopeless state. It needs one dark horse to clean the place of so many trash, it was a cruel and dirty job but it pays off. People saw the effort of great change but opposition rise to break a limb or two, thus the rise of terrorism caught red-handed. History has a lot to say if only one learns to read and understand the outcome of every actual course we take. To listen and cogitate not as a child who absorbs everything they thought like a sponge.

As many heads roll on the ground crying for justice. Stand as one, on solid ground with faith. Nations of the world gather to fight against the Prince of Darkness who leave your land in utter distress and destruction. Helping to build a better world around us as all nations in the world gather to make a pact of peace and solidarity. At last, the strain from my mind is lifted, I found peace within,  the future of the world is certain knowing all efforts suffers not in vain.  Thank you for creating peace by not turning a blind eye over what truly transpires. I pray for peace and prosperity for the word at large in cultivating a brighter future for our children. It’s not the colors of our skin, not poverty, nor language and beliefs that break the bond between us its history old hatred. The past is gone and all we have is here and now.



Language not my own brought a revelation

Higher Spirit speaks the truth behind the mask.

An inner knowing of things to pass

Divine, unforgiving and challenging.


a  blade can bleed, words can  kill

Shoot an arrow to the heart

It’s transformational still

morally inspiring mind shattering.


mirror the truth about humanity

Look around what do you see?

This is how I write poetry

Don’t judge me for what I can’t even grasp.


Life is full of mystery

If words can bark a soul’s dim spark

Don’t be mad, my child, if it’s not meant

For you, it won’t hurt.


The time is here and it is now!

A warning steer,  be aware!

For the dangerous times ahead is already here.

Evil rises to take control take your lives and stole.


A divided nation shall fall

Take heed the signs of the ruined nations

My country, my home, and host of fallen countries

Among the flesh rotting in their graves.


Christians are beheaded, children killed mercilessly

All for the Cross of  Christianity. the blood of the

Chosen Saints washed the putrid  ground

To heal the world from immorality.


The Prince of darkness gathering troops

From the poor and hopeless nation of the world.

Paying loyal servants for silver pennies

To bring bloodshed and conflict.


Divide, exploit and conquer!

A call to all nations is aware!

Stand for solidarity, peace, and harmony

When a nation is divided it’s easy

For insurgents to topple it over.

Stop bickering!

refrain the fight!

for the real challenge are watching as you fall down and cry.



writing from the heart

light and darkness in constant conflict

fighting for a finite force inside a man

that weights who we are counting as human

animals have a heart too, can’t we have a better one?

building fences, digging trenches, owning ocean, lands, and potable water

where once it was free, delightfully refreshing putting in a bottle causing cancer. 

someone owns everything taking even from those who have nothing, such the way of life.

other’s gloat over their big enterprise while half of the planet eats mud to suffice hunger

such a way of life, bullying those who do differently, laughing at other’s mistakes forgotten they too have foul fart. Words leave a wound that scars for life, a soul will strive to rise, but eaten by his hatred inside. Societies can be so demeaning that causes a life to end. 

Others think differently, we do our own battles with different tactics some are born weak but to be strong that needs persistent streaks. Children of light cannot hurt each other but children of darkness will go out to kill,  spread lies and deceit.




my beloved

You’re my beloved

My heart shed bitter tears

Tearing me apart

The sights  I viewed from afar

How dreams are shattered

Flesh and blood scattered

on the ground

Unity and solidarity can’t be found

Hearts turns red with fiery ire

For a cause, you ignite the fire

Hungry for power and dominion

Feeding fear in the heart of a child,

I want to hold them in my arms

Protect them from harm.


I love you ever profound

Effervescent and the truest kind

Upon your lovely shore

Spectacular scenery to explore

Corrupted, exploited by those in power

Spreading terror everywhere

To oust what God has placed,

who point his finger to make a change.


Blue seas and golden sunshine

You  towered and was envied before

Pearl of the Orient Seas

Where are the dreams you promised

To your people who journeyed far

Leaving families behind for a life  and a future

You’re my beloved my home,

Where the garden of hope  cultivated

Divided by government faction

Cold friction disempower a nation

how hard you fall being envied before

Ruined by crab mentality.


prince of darkness


dark as the night his skin matches his heart.  Screaming the foulness of everyone not minding his own fart forgotten how dirty he is by stealing from someone else. He lives to steal a heart of steel who can’t be trusted adept at creating heresays,  a feather fluttering, a soul’s dead weight.  Prince of darkness, to change his true colors to light, an impossible task. Maggots eating his soul as he breathes his last. A fox in a lamb’s skin. He won’t change and will never change can’t live without nothing. He would rather steal and tower over men than go hungry again.


when fear strikes

I’ve watched a motivational video in youtube by Les Brown saying  ” have courage be fearless!”

What to do when fear strike? It’s not  very easy, actually  its metaphorically deadly as well  but sometimes the veracity of the  overwhelming situation  make someone blind. The pain of loss , brokenness and failures in life gets into the system thus blinding the most courageous person in the world to hold on to their dreams. That’s why we need the injection of courage which is the anti-venom countering the deadly poison that might kill and blind the victim for life.  Living in painful regrets of what if’s and could have been is like  living and breathing but not living at all.  Living the life of purpose by letting passion pursue the life we want to live that synchronize with our purpose that brings fulfillment and happiness .

Once dreams are shattered as it often do. Life is a series of building and rebuilding of creating mistakes and failures to learn from them and make it a fuel to run an extra mile, to  have courage to travel  into unchartered places and manifesting greatness in life.

How many times fear cripple us to move forward like a canyon between our dreams and the life we want to live. Fear is our enemy that hinder us to help propel our dreams to become a reality. Life is so full of it but we always have a choice….move forward take a step to move closer to your desired goals in life. It’s still up to you either to take action or not. Conquer your fear sounds like be the man. Be a winner!