in life with God


Posted on July 6, 2015, by Bhebs

This  heart and mind belongs to you

from the day I was born.

nearly death consume me, before

given another life threescore.

asking, why you never take me

and let me suffer life’s cruelty.


spirit sings in worshipping your holy name

before dusk, my spirit rises before the sun

no greater joy have found  in your presence

my heart was yours a promise to love you more

You hold the key to my heart

your unconditional love keeps my hopes up

through dreams and vision, you spoke to me

admonishing my ways before things takes place

you already open the path for me.


you give me strength to go on each day

with every strife you put a smile to my heart

when painful lashes strikes my back

hope is ever-present,

the courage to face every morning

to face a new day with a smile.

knowing your hands is always there to lead me

your presence is everywhere to protect and

keeps me safe every minute.

countless times I leave at your side,

but you always keep the door open

for my return.

my mother may forget me,

but your loving arms are always there to

comfort me.


. You’re my shepherd,

I’m a lost lamb, but you found me

Lord, I was lost but now I’m found.





Smile, a new day will arise

without the trappings of life

celestial songs lifting spirits to light

The echoes of  eternal life.




He is our refuge in times of trouble

the healer of the broken,

the restorer of hope and peace,

his divine presence is joy and happiness.


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