Why retracing steps back is harder than moving forward?

An arrow loosened can’t be recalled, so is the words spoken

to alleviate or hurt.

So is the decisions we make, the choices we choose,

The mistakes we did,  the path we choose to tread.

The tresses cut from your crown.

As well as the time that silently says goodbye.

As age takes its toll and covet primal power and strength

Of our youth.

Can we claim it again?

Everything that we let loose?

Can we go back in time and alter events?

Can we command the rain to stop crying or stop the storm from devastation?

Can we summon the surfs to stop reverting to the shore?

Can we alter the course of the sun from its setting and rising every day, for even a second?

Can we alter the eventualities of our lives, given second chances?

Can we alter the passage we journeyed behind and go back from where it all began without changing anything?

If a heart is made of glass, can we put it back again after breaking?

The food ingested and digested?

The plants that grew from a tiny seed growing into tall trees?

The trees that were cut from the forest?

The river that runs to the sea?

Just how our lives are used to be.

Maybe, change is constant and remain unchanged

As inevitable as how everything starts and have its end.

As we journeyed to an uncertain tomorrow.

We dreamed and wished upon a star.

We learned we lost, we grow, we gain, we become wiser,

We become better than before,

Can we bargain anything to go back in time?

Maybe, reincarnation will do the job.


Let time heal its wound and bandage its misery

Create a way to its fate and destiny.


As time flows on its unaltered course,

A dance in rhythm that remains the same…

Reminding us soon time stops and so are we.

And so we go,

And so we flow.

Towards a dreamless sky,

In a limbo of nothingness.

To heaven, to hell?

Who could guess?

Then, ask yourself, you know best.


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  1. Nisthur Anadi · July 29


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