Oh men!


Boys and Men


Men are complex beings.

Sometimes like a child, they want to be pampered, eventually, at the same time, he wants to be the hero of your life.

Like a child and adult rolled into one.

Women love their men that way, that’s why she acted like his sister, his mother, his lover, partner and his friend and his cook.

Giving him the favor and great privileges.

If a woman lack one of these characteristics that are the basis of cultivating a great relationship. It’s a crucial step to capture his attention by keeping his stomach full by being his everything or nothing.

The woman’s main objective is being a good cook. If he is always full, it means he is always in good mood. He will not look anywhere to make his fill.

Lacking all of this attributes means we must be prepared for an accident landing in a ditch is not a pretty sight.

That’s why men came from Mars and women from Venus.




  1. colinandray · July 23

    There are so many generalities here that are totally unfounded. An adult reader will probably see the humor in it, but a juvenile reader could well be influenced… which would be wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bhebs · July 23

      hello, been a long time. Good to hear from you again. thanks for the review. However, based on my experience and how I look at things and based on the men I know. I’m not a feminist. I respect women raise their children alone. Well they are a wonder woman.

      Liked by 1 person

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