surviving madness in pieces of my soul

surviving from every onslaught of struggles every day trying to survive from the painful path of transformation.  The pain and longings in the seat of the souls escalate every living second. Trying to find something that wasn’t there coveting even an ounce of happiness that was so distant. The heaven’s cried in defeat as it pours its raging emotion to the ground with vehemence. There’s a missing piece that needs to find in looking for a fix of finding oneself that was lost and scattered in pieces along this life’s journey. Trying to go back and retrieve the best part of me,  but was getting lost in the maze of crippling emotions and conflicting thoughts when the heart and mind don’t cooperate with each other making the confusion grow into monumental walls desperate to climb. Drowning from self-pity and defeat from the demons that taunt every decapacitating moment of weakness.  The longing in my soul to find that missing part of me, conspiring with the universe to search for it. Maybe, he is the answer to my existence as deep in my heart and soul there’s a longing to find him or my journey in this world will be futile.  There are millions of people in the world could I met them in this lifetime? Is it possible as I question my mind in this colossal doubt and struggle whether I can find him or not?    Holding the jade bracelet between my eyes admiring its beauty an intricate but delicate design molded to it in gold. It’s beautiful to look at and put it in the safest place inside a wooden chest.  Ok world, here I come!

As she set forth an unchartered journey into the unknown she was afraid that she needs to solve the puzzle surrounding the legend of the bracelet.  Every one of her crazy family after college was sent on an adventure to find every missing piece of the gem as an initiation to the greater challenge they have to face ahead of them. She wants to question the mystery of her existence but first, she has to find every missing stone that leads to the answer of her quest.  She wasn’t sure if she’s ready to set foot in this adventure fear and anticipation filled her lungs and endless questions inside her mind are streaming in. She was afraid that something might turn out not right that there’s a voice inside her head urging her to go on. Her grandpa told her to follow the stars , if she ever did she,   she will never get lost.







I was writing prose then come out to this it was unplanned and so out of place but sometimes it’s good to try, come up with something that comes up with a bit of inspiration.  I don’t know where it’s coming from. Life’s journey is filled with lessons, reason, and meaning that sums up to our journey on earth. I believe in my heart and soul that we are born with an innate light from within but we have to find it. After finding every piece of that treasure scattered around us is a chestful of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, about life, love, and light. We are all an embodiment of greatness inside us if we set time to find it.To look for it in every heart of a person. There’s a truth that needs to be uncovered. inside us that we alone can understand…pieces of my soul






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