thank you, my dear friend

You came in the darkest hour

When days are darkened with despair.

When the call of the universe are answered

You are there.

When all the constellations collide.

At the right moment catching our eyes

You’re the first to answer that cry.

With your smile as I sat by my window and say, ” hi”.

Continents and distances do not matter

As we sat in front our computer at first,”hello”

my friend, you are heaven sent.

I thought you might have wings.

I thank the heavens above

As the lines are open between us

Talking early mornings and every afternoons

I poured out my  soul’s secrets to you

As our friendship deepened

You’re always there willing to listen

At my endless whinings

As you sat there unmasking yourself.

You are here in my heart forever,

And I realize we are looking for friendship

For a connection that you and I, understand.

As deep as the ocean below

As high as the heavens above

My dearest friend, thank you

For being there when I need you

Giving me strength when there was none.

Your energetic vibrations entwined with mine.

You give me a reason to believe in myself,

When I was inside that shelf bruised and broken from grief.

Thank you for being there.

Opening doors for me to believe in dreams,

even everything was darker at the seams.

To believe in the magic of the universe,

the passion for writing poetry.

Do you think I can forget you?

You’re etched in my heart in golden threads

As the tapestry of life makes your connection spreads

As soulmates meet and make our journeys complete,

As I pledge with the universe that you’re friendship will  be with me for always

Don’t you think I will forget you?

I  will always think highly of you.

You’re a man of dignity, integrity,

and discipline always keep your words

And keep your dealings clean.

I finally realize…

I finally realized we are mirroring each other’s eyes.


Thank you for being there,

As I offer my fervent prayer

May our loving God in heaven

Fill your days with love and happiness

Seasoned with successes in everything that you do.

Thank you for being my soulmate, and my friend.


I just wrote it for a friend of long ago. Who never left my mind since. All I want to say is, thank you.


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