endless self- talk

Raindrops fell, a shower of blessings from the sky as the clouds gave way its collection of tears letting go of every heavy weight, each numbing burden, and crippling pain. It pours in washing pent up emotions to cleanse the psyche selfish intentions. Drenching the bed where once dried grasses grow, in the colorful field of wildflowers. Soon lushfully everything grows where every creature roams and nest.

When heavy clouds disperse shows off golden rays of happiness the sun will shine brighter than it has been before, happiness smiling at every door.


Brave the odds silence every nagging fear. Get up and fight in righteous conduct. It’s not about luck it’s about persistence to endure with patience to rise up.  With the indomitable confidence to win the battles in life.



Discouragement will wear you out, overthinking will tear you down. Follow your heart it will lead you to the road of fulfillment by doing what you love. In time you’ll realize your dreams towards a life of abundance and wholeness will be rewarded. The road ahead is narrow and long, there are pitfalls and hurdles we met as we go on.  Stay on the right road, lead a righteous life. Soon life will reward you the dreams and visions you scattered in the universe. Ask for it, work for it and move ahead with courage and diligence. and a concrete determination to strive harder to meet that desired goals. Persevere with a diligent heart  with the determination to pursue your plans until all your efforts are rewarded soon life will crown you with success.


An assurance appeared when encouragement was needed.

A moment of endless questioning over my mediocre existence

War is raging inside a psyche between the good and evil, a battle at breakneck speed.

Enduring past troubles with acceptance keeping my eyes to heaven.

Trusting that this troubles will end.

Help appears out of nowhere goading me to hope and abide in God’s plan

Whatever happens is no coincidence , nothing happens by chance everything happens for a reason.

A balance needs to manifest by love and harmonious living by letting justice thrives.

That I’m part of a whole interwoven web of universal connection. That I matter.   I’m responsible for everything that will take place if I’m not careful.


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