I’m not alone

words are empty without action it’s void.

It can touch a soul and tickles a heart to console

it brings magic to our soul.

Like a dream in the night forgotten as we wake up,

but you’re a dream I want to always remember

I want you to know that you’re a friend

I want to treasure for all time.


In the splitting silence of the morning flickering light dawns by my window.

brittle flecks of velveteen violet haze bursting in a golden spiral in the sky.

I’ll face the morning even tomorrow is not promised, I’ll still be here.

with every little gesture of happiness,  I’ll find the place in the sun as a heart is written on every page with passionate thirst aching for redemption. Even tomorrow is too dim to see. I’ll  find my last hope in the hand of the one who truly loves me. In desperation, hope is nowhere to find, basking in the hand of isolation walking barefoot in the loose footing. I’ll put my trust in my maker until the time I’m found by him, with whom I’m bound. At the right time, orchestrated by the power of the divine hand who holds the pen of my destiny. I’ll wait, until the fruit has ripened on the tree it perched.


Who can break someone,

who was already broken?

Who can’t  beat someone who already felt beaten?

Who can’t hurt someone who was already hurt before?

Rising from the fall, I’ve been reborn.

Trying to give up,  feeling that this heart is dying.

Bleeding from the pain of missing the mark.

ashamed of the past where he tore me apart,

wrecking havoc of my life and a friend, I dearly loved.

I’d rather be alone, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.

I miss the connection of like minded people

who spun the spark of creativity whose,

inspiration are sought with magnitude.

In my journey from the hell and back, though

am missing you as much. With this weapon wield,

wearing an armor and a shield, I’m afraid. I’ve become a warrior

fierce in battle, someone to reckon with, someone who bend but don’t break.

I wish, I knew everything from the start how things must be done now I’m groping in the dark hoping for a hand to guide me home.


Thoughts deeper than the lenient sea.  Upon its Tempest where boats nearly drowned. The rhythmic sway of the waves pulling me asleep suspended in its dark depths. In every stillness of the morning where the coast is clear, sparkling and translucent glass reflecting blue skies. My days is filled with the fullness of his love peaceful and serene. We become one. The ocean and me.   The deep contemplation of his divine power and love wash over me in a mystical robe of oneness.,.  I become one with the earth as I burrowed my feet beneath the sandy shore. I feel loved and sharing this love with you and the world in conflict and chaos may peace abound in the bounty of G-d’s love.



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