pieces of my soul


I’ll be left here empty If I threw it all away.

Collecting  tears, sorrow and the pain

Seal it with love and smile beneath the pouring rain.

Put it right here inside the treasure of my chest

Reminding me at times we need someone

To give us a lesson and a reason to live.


Inevitably every season of our life changes.

We dream we create and build and put splashes

Of colorful hues and make everything new.

Every life we touch left an imprint

As they leave a mark that sparks inspiration

an art of creative expression.


Dreaming as dreamers do

Wishing as wishes do come true.

Stars shooting in the sky

I watch you fly, high!

Like an eagle, you push away all the blues

Seeing the beauty that’s you.


I want to forget to leave the past without regret

But you are there…

So I gather all the dew and the mist

To have a taste of happiness

Treasure our memories spread it in the air

With gentle caress for you to remember always.



There’s beauty in solitude,

I can be anything I could.

I don’t have to impress

Left to my own devices

Is great without sensing distractive

energetic vibrations.





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