Emerging from the darkness

He called me out from the darkness

to return to the light.

his message  deeply encrypted

like  painted~ tattoo in my skin,

dreary and the sun was nowhere in sight

covered by dark stormy clouds.

The way for the right track is a tricky ride

thorn and thistle covered rough roads

as I stumble on without a light.

stupid  me to believe without him by my side

I can walk without his hand to guide

                                                  my life in his hand he writes.

He is the author of my life.


On this journey, we seek

inside our  heart, we search

finding a treasure, a gem that gleams

out in the cimmerian shade.

the souls who’ve  been perfected.preparing for the everlasting light,

the plight we lead where each breath  is a price

once squandered will be lost in sight.

We simply live to share our light to a world pitch black.



Let G-d lead the way, you’ll be amazed how perfectly he guide us

towards a life well- lived. Sometimes we ask him of boundless blessings,

glory, wealth, fame, and fortune among many grandiose things.

Sometimes he answered with, wait, yes or no and make a graceful gesture

with his mighty hand urging us to come forward and say, ” Come and show me”.

Our words and actions determine the outcome of our undertaking.  Because every time we are dealing with treasures that are infinite and lasting. Show him that you are worthy of his marvelous gift of abundance and affluence. Only if we deserve it.






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