jagged pieces of the past revisited


Our journey has ended before it has even began

As life ushered us  to different roads where

We used to run.

Alone but not lonely on my own

The future is bleak without you there at the front.

Thank you for the memories.

For a dream that continues to grow.

somehow, part of me owes it to you.




Riled in a world that I never fit in

Trying to make every dream happen

My happiness grows like a tree

As your efforts bear fruit.

left here to gloat

Thankful that you made it.

I’ll try once more.

as dreamers do dream wish  to come true

Though I have to fall,

I’ll grow even stronger getting up over again.




Letting go

Letting peace in

Stuck in my reality

from a torn fantasy

Still seeing that girl

In the altar asking for direction.

” to where does life lead me, Oh Lord”

To be a nun or a mother,

A pivotal threshold of inevitable change.

” I choose to be a mother to spite the one I have but don’t.



Leaving the past behind me

Trying to pick up each shattered

Jagged, broken and damaged pieces of me.

As I met disaster in the tumultuous sea.

Washing the shore all the debris.

Building up again of what’s been left of me.



3 A.M. you’ve waited  for me to be there,

Foolish of me not to met you out there.

I’m sorry for treating you so bad.

It was so unkind of me.





I heard a voice so manly and deep as I’m about to weep.

Stuck in this darkness.

” Who are you? I shouted from this crazy hole.

With outstretched arms, he tried to pull me up.

But I easily gave up,

Overwhelmed by the weight of the world upon my shoulders.

He waited, for me to grab his hand, but I can’t.

He was way too high up, while, I was down there below.

Beyond saving, as he left with sagging spirit

While I was crying in the pit.

Seeing just a glimpse of his face that I can’t retrace.


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