when two soul meets

If love is proven true find myself lacking in showing it to you.

Pushing you away into that white sandy shore not knowing what to believe

Loving you in a thousand lifetimes recreating past mishappen mistakes.

Promises are broken before they are even made.

Once we come together in a place of wonder where words we vowed echoes forever.

Words are what we have and what will ever be. Molded our souls together to be part of a dream.

Wishing to know you, never got the chance as you tipped your boat onto the river pulling you down.

We don’t need to look into each other’s eyes, nor held each other’s hands knowing you behind the veil is a worthy chance. It’s how you made me feel as our stories we string together in that blithe encounter.

You’ve given me a dream, a reason for living and that means the world to me as I throw it all away.

Your outstretched arms and golden heart offering me assistance, I cordially refuse.

I want to solve the puzzle that was me with every jagged piece piercing through my skin.

I was grieving within but you let me see the beauty once the old me refuse to see.

The tree has grown stately and grand upon the beach where I stand admiring from afar.

You and me dreaming of  a dream, from afar touching hearts and mind as we build a fantasy.

In the middle of the woods overlooking the vast blue sea in Sentosa Bay where once we drowned our love to see. Basking in your love as you offer the kind of romance once we are Adam and Eve nakedly we ran like little children under the rain with your chest so wide I find comfort as I lay my head upon your heaving breaths. It was a promise made in many lifetimes as our heart and soul meet again in this space and plane. Though you remain unseen our stories held the memories, the book in your hand finally held the unbroken promise of the past.


The sky was shining in dazzling blue reflected on the lake was me and you suddenly the weather change a gust of wind carried me away from you.




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