trust him more than anything

trust that God will make miracles happen

To Crown your life with laughter and joy

The crest  of love be upon your breast

No  matter how many times you fall

God’s angel’s always there to guard and guide you.

Wherever you may go.


Within you, there’s a brilliant light

Pure and indestructible, chaste and true

Shining like diamond in a tabernacle

The temple !  the throne of your inner core

Where Almighty god’s dwelling place

As he makes your life a perfect example of his divine grace.


Let  your translucent inner light shine, spark, and shimmer

Giving warmth and light in the hearts whose

Frozen from  world’s indifference

Shine brightly brilliant star, let your

Inner light illuminates the world in darkness.


Let your beauty express the nature of god’s goodness

As the  days shower you  with gladness

Walking in love with his blessings of prosperity and peace.

Walk in righteousness, in the shadow of his loving kindness.


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