mindless mumblings

Love is a place where you work for peace to reign

Where the music of your souls is continually in sync

The rhythm of nature’s harmonic beats

Like the swaying of palm trees by the breeze

The lull in the waves by the shore

A mother feeding her child in her breasts

Love is a beautiful place where you will never get lost.

You don’t have to search far because the answer lies

Inside the chambers of your soul.



Shattering walls build too high,

Peeking through cracks of imperfections

As the odds challenge your will and strengths.

Revealing the soul within lacing with the icing of heaven while carrying weighty problems and tethered pain.

Unveiling the truth before judgmental eyes, what they don’t realize, they thought your weakness makes you bleed vulnerability but it was the truth you speak the bravest thing you made. Breaking walls of illusion,  by facing your fears and misguided perception. Stripping every ounce of deceit from your skin, letting arrogance and ego go to be worthy of him. Who holds my life in the palm of his hand who was the beginning and the end. We belong together in his stead, he’ll watch and protect every step we tread. He is faithful and true the one who loves you unconditionally. Who prepared the road for us to be with him in seventh heaven.

Rebuilding ruins from the errors of the past, brick by brick putting together a stronger version of yourself. The one who won’t easily break by any force of indifference and opposition. Be unbreakable, unburdened, unhurt life is a passage to eternal bliss. So hold on be courageous, be brave because G-d is within you every step you made to guide and protect you wherever your feet may tread.


Put your heart and mind to rest quieten the unrest.

worthless thoughts must be emptied to sleep in peace.

Happiness will shine in your face brighter than the day

As we praise G-D each day for a new life well lived.


I write for myself, my happiness and the world. Hope you open up a chance to express my unspoken gratitude. How thankful I am, how blessed to share pieces of me to you. May our loving G-d who is mighty and Supreme to grant us peace, happiness, joy, and harmony in our dealings. There were times that I really want to quit but my angels unseen urged me to go on by keep seeing symbols of their presence. I decided to return because this is the place I learn how to accept part of me that needs to change by seeing the world in your eyes. I saw beauty in my painful undertakings and find my piece of heaven by learning that I was not alone who suffered and struggled for every challenging endeavor. I write simply for the joy of writing to learn from you and see my progress to equip myself today for a brighter future. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to harness this gift and ability that God has given me. I pray that God will bless you all boundlessly in his unlimited provisions.




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