Lord, forgive me  for  I have sinned

Not really seeing the heart of your ministry

Open my eyes, Lord that I might see the light

Of your words as a lamp shining on my feet

guide me each day by your counsel and righteousness.


Open my mind, Lord.

Grant me wisdom and understanding

to live in the value of your words as my bread and honey

To live each day by your guidance and grace.


I praise and worship your holy name.

rejoicing in the bounty of your presence

Grant me deliverance from all my sins

Wash me clean and renew my strength like eagles.


Let my spirit soar towards the heavens like it was in the past

You have been my greatest help in times of  troubles

Your spirit guide and nourish my tattered .soul.

By your words of wisdom, I’m made whole.


Lord, I pray that you forgive the world in disarray

Let your words planted in every hearts like tattoos

It leaves a mark that clings for life so that its

Not my life that you can transform but also those

Who seek the benevolence from your throne.


Lord, you are mighty to save.

We will sing, rejoice and be glad

Because of your unconditional compassion

purifying our tainted hearts that you heal.

I pray for my family, friends, the people, and the world.

Protect and guide us from impending troubles along the way.

wash us clean from the errors of past.


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