the duality of thoughts

When things did not work out according to your plan what will you do? Like a child,  would you demand retribution or like a mature man we try to reflect what took place. Why it did not work out according to plan. We’ll try to evaluate the cause of the problem to avoid the same mistake. Devise another plan until we found the best alternative idea that speaks victory and triumphs over defeat. When we pull down the project without even trying anything to make things right. What will happen? Could there be anything done if we gave up easily on the first sight of the challenge?  Will you let God and let it be and devise another sound idea?  Well it depends on this thinking either the cup is half full or the cup is half empty?  The mental state of man really differs,  some saw a problem that hinders the way to success, while some only see all the possibilities.

That’s how many successful people and multitudes of losers find their place in society.

How about you?

“Me? ” looking over my shoulder trying to find if there’s someone out there. But there’s no one there. Thinking to myself, ” Oh no, is that you, brain? Stop thinking out loud or others might overhear and they’ll call me crazy!”

“Will you please keep quiet?” urging my mind to be still and think of a great plan to get ahead of my game, instead it has many deliberations of countless what ifs. It keeps on evaluating in endless remunerations of what could go wrong or right.

” Hey brain, will you stop thinking out loud? Will you stop thinking for a while and hear me out? you’re bugging me!” finally the heart speaks up.


The heart says ” I like to take a risk you know why? I’ve given my heart to somebody but they just punch it, mauled it, bruise and broke it but it’s still, well,  I’m still alive and breathing. I survived and you know what? I guess, my heart is ready to take on another challenge. Maybe, amidst a thousand no, I can get a one yes!”

The brain thinks, ” how can heart survive that? ”

What will we heed to take another risk until we can triumph over defeat?

We will think it over first until the opportunity is no more?

Whom shall we listen to is it our hearts and brain.

The underlying question is here. What will you wanna be one of the many or one of the multitudes? you have a choice and your choice determines your destiny. It’s either life will take us to the heights of freedom or down to depressive losses. There’s one thing that can unite this two opposing forces inside us and that is action.

The heart and the brain finally think as one. Perhaps thoughts and idea without action will not take us to our desired goals in life. We can’t underestimate the power of our hearts and mind because it’s the main organ in our body though small it has the power to control everything, both voluntary and involuntary movements thoughts, and emotions. When the heart and mind are not in sync that’s where the problem began.

Thinking cannot move a mountain it only hinders you to get there because of realized fear before its actualization. Beside blind faith does. Faith has to do with our hearts for a heart does not see but it is wise and it can feel and sense what goes around inside our illusory space.

Clarity is needed when our brains are under depression and anxiety we can’t make any sound judgments over any risky situation that concerns important decision making. Especially when we are ready to move onto another level in life’s endeavors. It’s very crucial to clear the mind first before making any decision.


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