There’s a thread that binds us. It’s called a network of souls coming together as a whole,

There’s no need to let each other touch and kiss into the night to sleep.

Because even we are farther apart your presence is felt.

Though miles, oceans and distance separate us. words are enough to touch each others heart.




You and me, there was a time  we’re stuck in a maze,

caught in a place of fairytales and magic

For a while, we live in an illusion, as dreamers do.

Creating giants and demons as they crawled

Their way to our psyche deciphering

What’s real and not.

It was a childhood dream as dreamers be

Playing, creating as creators would

spun the wand in trails of pixie dust and  magic

where wonders inexhaustible laid on the table

weaving words in a golden thread where dreams exist

and made possible those we think improbable to spun the impossible

into something explorable to the mind and the senses.



in the placid sea of emotion,  feelings wrought from its depth

choosing to be on the right the only way in manifesting peace.

the road to harmony within our psyche can be achieved by the choices we made.

we have to travel through the tumultuous sea of chaos and confusion

walk on fire of transformation leading to a door too narrow walk on.

where thorns and thistles pricked at your feet but you have to walk on it.

at the end of your journey, it’s there where our true happiness,

where peace abounds in heart and mind the only way is doing what is pleasing in the sight of God.








































































































































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