seeds of persistence

Solidify all the works of the angels.

Children of darkness are working double handed,

An eye was taken to shaken the world in fear

teeth plucked caused by war and famines building up

hate in the cavities of the heart.

Who can wash away the tears staining from their eyes?

Where ones there was hope it crumbles in splinters

Hope we can see the good in every situation

Hope, we Paint gray with a rainbow for a bright tomorrow.

Awakened by mind-shattering truths,

Half the world have it all,

Half the world have none.

Planting seeds in the desert could it produce any?

No man is an island they say.  a good leader can turn

Any circumstances around fuelled from the goodness

Of his heart to let a nation rise from nothing.

Time is all we have, patience to wait for rain to fall,

After many years of abstinence,

After all  struggles persistence pays

Those who learn how to wait for their turn in the in the expanse of ten years.

Life is a cycle, they say what comes around goes around.

That was the cruelest thing to say. It means you’re happy when a brother suffers because of a mistake in the past. Rebuke is not a blind form of love it replenishes wise heart.


While looking from afar seeing everything that takes place if words have the power to kill, it also has the power to heal. Like a double-edged sword how we perceive it through the negative or positive lens. Whichever way we choose to perceive what we hear or see. Within the epicenter of the storm who can see the perpetual essence of the situation but from those afar. We as a nation are grateful for the hearts of the leaders in every powerful nation in the world to crush the seeds of injustice. Help we don’t ask but help you gave with an open heart. You see, our nation was bombarded with mutiny, there are rebellious people dividing the nation into an utterly hopeless state. It needs one dark horse to clean the place of so many trash, it was a cruel and dirty job but it pays off. People saw the effort of great change but opposition rise to break a limb or two, thus the rise of terrorism caught red-handed. History has a lot to say if only one learns to read and understand the outcome of every actual course we take. To listen and cogitate not as a child who absorbs everything they thought like a sponge.

As many heads roll on the ground crying for justice. Stand as one, on solid ground with faith. Nations of the world gather to fight against the Prince of Darkness who leave your land in utter distress and destruction. Helping to build a better world around us as all nations in the world gather to make a pact of peace and solidarity. At last, the strain from my mind is lifted, I found peace within,  the future of the world is certain knowing all efforts suffers not in vain.  Thank you for creating peace by not turning a blind eye over what truly transpires. I pray for peace and prosperity for the word at large in cultivating a brighter future for our children. It’s not the colors of our skin, not poverty, nor language and beliefs that break the bond between us its history old hatred. The past is gone and all we have is here and now.



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