Language not my own brought a revelation

Higher Spirit speaks the truth behind the mask.

An inner knowing of things to pass

Divine, unforgiving and challenging.


a  blade can bleed, words can  kill

Shoot an arrow to the heart

It’s transformational still

morally inspiring mind shattering.


mirror the truth about humanity

Look around what do you see?

This is how I write poetry

Don’t judge me for what I can’t even grasp.


Life is full of mystery

If words can bark a soul’s dim spark

Don’t be mad, my child, if it’s not meant

For you, it won’t hurt.


The time is here and it is now!

A warning steer,  be aware!

For the dangerous times ahead is already here.

Evil rises to take control take your lives and stole.


A divided nation shall fall

Take heed the signs of the ruined nations

My country, my home, and host of fallen countries

Among the flesh rotting in their graves.


Christians are beheaded, children killed mercilessly

All for the Cross of  Christianity. the blood of the

Chosen Saints washed the putrid  ground

To heal the world from immorality.


The Prince of darkness gathering troops

From the poor and hopeless nation of the world.

Paying loyal servants for silver pennies

To bring bloodshed and conflict.


Divide, exploit and conquer!

A call to all nations is aware!

Stand for solidarity, peace, and harmony

When a nation is divided it’s easy

For insurgents to topple it over.

Stop bickering!

refrain the fight!

for the real challenge are watching as you fall down and cry.




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