my beloved

You’re my beloved

My heart shed bitter tears

Tearing me apart

The sights  I viewed from afar

How dreams are shattered

Flesh and blood scattered

on the ground

Unity and solidarity can’t be found

Hearts turns red with fiery ire

For a cause, you ignite the fire

Hungry for power and dominion

Feeding fear in the heart of a child,

I want to hold them in my arms

Protect them from harm.


I love you ever profound

Effervescent and the truest kind

Upon your lovely shore

Spectacular scenery to explore

Corrupted, exploited by those in power

Spreading terror everywhere

To oust what God has placed,

who point his finger to make a change.


Blue seas and golden sunshine

You  towered and was envied before

Pearl of the Orient Seas

Where are the dreams you promised

To your people who journeyed far

Leaving families behind for a life  and a future

You’re my beloved my home,

Where the garden of hope  cultivated

Divided by government faction

Cold friction disempower a nation

how hard you fall being envied before

Ruined by crab mentality.




  1. ladyofthelake · June 3

    Well expressed. Where’s your native land?

    Liked by 1 person

    • bhebs · June 4

      it was called pearl of the orient seas in asia


      • ladyofthelake · June 4

        You do a great job of describing your love and sadness for it

        Liked by 1 person

      • bhebs · June 5

        I do cry a liter of tears about what happen in my country and those precious lives who are victims of injustice, not just in my country but the whole world itself. Great shift is happening now, Thank you for reading I really appreciate you.

        Liked by 1 person

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