when fear strikes

I’ve watched a motivational video in youtube by Les Brown saying  ” have courage be fearless!”

What to do when fear strike? It’s not  very easy, actually  its metaphorically deadly as well  but sometimes the veracity of the  overwhelming situation  make someone blind. The pain of loss , brokenness and failures in life gets into the system thus blinding the most courageous person in the world to hold on to their dreams. That’s why we need the injection of courage which is the anti-venom countering the deadly poison that might kill and blind the victim for life.  Living in painful regrets of what if’s and could have been is like  living and breathing but not living at all.  Living the life of purpose by letting passion pursue the life we want to live that synchronize with our purpose that brings fulfillment and happiness .

Once dreams are shattered as it often do. Life is a series of building and rebuilding of creating mistakes and failures to learn from them and make it a fuel to run an extra mile, to  have courage to travel  into unchartered places and manifesting greatness in life.

How many times fear cripple us to move forward like a canyon between our dreams and the life we want to live. Fear is our enemy that hinder us to help propel our dreams to become a reality. Life is so full of it but we always have a choice….move forward take a step to move closer to your desired goals in life. It’s still up to you either to take action or not. Conquer your fear sounds like be the man. Be a winner!



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