how i want to be remembered by you

Written two years ago…time pass by like a fleeting breeze.

living in love

i’ll write more on the pages ofmy blogs that speak your names

i’ll write more of my unspoken love that can’t becutesetbg17 weaned or broken

i’ll write more of my undying love on the pages of my poems

i’ll write more from all the beauty that love brings that awakens my heart

and makes me feel alive that reflects my heart filled passion and compassion

i’ll write more from your inspirations that springs from your motivations

that every dreams and aspirations will come into fruition

i’ll write more of the great wonders of love nourished by the tides and the seasons

the  songs of everlasting love that comes from God above

I’ll write more be it healing or a lesson the teachings of awakenings and transformation leaving the past behind to weild a renewed heart and mind from life’s misfortunes

i’ll write more to  the sea of stars that shuns…

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