how can I paint you

10012230_1620670144840695_5835884830100590917_oIf I am a poet,

how can I paint you?

glowing sphere orbs of wonder,

kissing ocean’s cheek

fire erupts in red yellow blush,

before fading to darkness.

the rainbow of colors

playing a captivating hue

couldn’t capture the essence of you.

If I am a poet

I’ll tattoo your body with words

that reflect the significance of

who you truly are.

To capture the brilliance inside you.

An art of beauty

 that holds a transparent light

to illuminate the world in chaos.

Rising above turbulent waves of time.

you’re the emblem of hope

 emits eternal spark of inspiration

 an echo of a life shining  throughout

the ages framing their triumphs

tainted with tears and scars

in a canvass called life

in the pages of history

those who touched

lives in myriad ways.


One comment

  1. burninskyblog · May 8, 2017

    So good

    Liked by 2 people

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