love around you







I feel it inside me, within my soul

it’s a beautiful feeling that I can’t control.

It makes me laugh, it makes me smile,

without any reasons why.

I daydream while looking at the sky,

I wonder why the trees are greener.

Why the sun seems brighter, smiling down at me,

its rays held a promise of a new day.

The flowers bloom lovelier than before,

blossoms sweetness permeating in the air.

Dark eyes sparkle with surprise

mirrors a glint, a glimmer

an unseen spur of inspiration that can be felt.

With light-heartedness, a pen bleeds with my muse,

the heart feel its tender solace,

while a mind picked by this weird feelings.

Light as a feather flying beyond the clouds.

Sleeping like a child on its cottony softness.

Sparrows are dancing by my window

serenade each morning telling me to wake up

with thanksgiving.

This beautiful spring, the air is filled with anticipation.

My heart echoes their joyful songs as the larks prances

every boughs bench, trilling as they go.

Love is such a magical feeling, a sense of peace and

well- being it brings meaning to every new dawning.

The melody that brings harmony, the symphony of

souls who found the beauty and magic of love.

Each vibrant spirits share the power that can’t be expressed.

Love is you, the rainbow that held a promise every misty morning.

Painting my world with wonders, you’re the cosmos inside me.

While I held these wonderful thoughts of you.

Love is magic, the force inside us that brings us together as one.


a girlish prank. a spur of inspiration. dunno why I wrote this. Love is the greatest nonetheless. I decided to write more about love.

pic from Shutterstock: thank you. ( this is not a money making site)



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