benifits in writing every day

Writing from an everyday inspiration composing something that happened to the past that tells about life in general,  family, triumphs and our failures. Some are derived from the book that we’ve read.  Writing about the people around us and about everyday happenings. Journaling is a habit that I want to incorporate into my daily life. When preparing for a distant tomorrow wherever my writing skills take me or carry me through. I’ve read that journals are a great way to record your daily thoughts, keeping tracks of your daily activities that can open  insightful,  inspiration for a  future dream of writing a book. It’s either for problem-solving and goal-setting they are two of the major benefits in writing. Every time, we go back and read some of your work you will see how you’ve grown from a few months before. Writing every day, just like most writers do is a habit that they unconsciously engaged in and take definite action to put their thoughts on paper.

Writing is like learning how to swim.  Sliding your body down into the pool smoothly.  The water surrounding you are your thoughts and ideas forming into words. Like water, it must be fluid, smooth and crystal clear in its delivery of ideas and transmit it clearly to their readers.  To be productive we must learn first how to write and think fast. Practice daily until it becomes your daily habit.

To be productive we must learn first how to write and think fast. Practice daily even you don’t feel like writing until it becomes you and then you are your written words.  Writing is like setting ideas beautifully adorned in a perfectly garnished food, set in a silver embossed platter laden with nutritious delicacies that melt in your tongue.

Reading is another form of learning how to write. Before we become good at writing we copy our style and voice from the books we read from the writers we come in contact with until you can create a distinctive voice that is naturally yours. Coined  by Jeff Goins;

“ Creativity is not about coming up with something new and original. It is about borrowing ideas from a variety of sources and re-assembling them into a better or at least different package.

This process is hard work. It involves studying what others have already done and adapting it to your own purposes. If you do this well, you won’t merely copy other people’s work and pass it off as your own. You will build upon it, and make it better. But be careful here, as far too many creatives have gotten lost in the pursuit of originality and damage their work as a result.” ( Jeff Goins)

He said that the process is not easy we have to learn how to steal all the meaty ideas and concept and put an innovative personal touch to it. It’s like putting all the meat and ingredients in the pan,  let it simmer slowly, cooking together the original creative concept. But you will add a  distinct twist to make it more tasteful, delicious and nutritious to make it more readable. There’s value in creating something valuable that directs a way of how one must live.  Like how chefs create a new idea.They can always come up with innovative food solutions. Which might differ from the original recipe and come up with their own innovation.Still, the ingredients and the process are the same they just introduce something new and innovative. The best creative work above all turns out to be the people’s favorite.  Like the works of J.K. Rowling, George R. Martin and among many others out there. I learned from the bible it has become m y spiritual bread where the best advice about knowledge and wisdom compiled from all books are there.

Learn from the great writers how they do it. You can be original but be careful your work will either build you or break you.



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