the muse


Inside you there’s an unseen brilliance, a light that sparks like wildfire.

It brushes with mine like a contagious disease.

Ripples of canonical phosphorous flames  touching mine; the kindness of your soul.

The fire that consumes my heart,  turning cool like cascading waterfall.

Drawn from the goodness in your heart.

Eyeing me with compassion, believing in the world filled with troubles. It made you crack and impale you like that mysterious moonlight.Your robust understanding with the divine made you a model to mankind. My childhood dreams still alive inside me it never fade with time.

I feel down confuse and alone your hand is always there ready to take me home.

A prayer, I offer though we never see each other anywhere just the words created  on the smooth pages of a paper . A few memento in monuments  a Nobel recognition for someone whose heart as courageous as you.

I was drawn to you,  entranced by the power of your  innate glow.

Inspiring muse and passion explodes, crafted in sleepy pious mood.


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