change is inevitable

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life is precious, things are objects that rust and rot from wear and tear.

life evolves from eternity to eternity created by God, the giver of life.

Compassion turns to hate in this cruel world, realities are harsh,  it’s inevitable.

Change is always rolling, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar

to a beautiful butterfly,  from bright sunny morning to a stormy spring.

seeking peace and serenity within, hope is like a seed that keeps on growing,

always believing that each brilliant morning, the transformation of a boy to a man. From a man to an adult child, the miracle of a  rolling stream towards the sea going back to the source of life to vast immensity,  as spirit alight leaving sheltered skin to rest. Deep in the bosom of an ocean, a life evolves as shifting sands of time continue to step forward unmindful of the past.



  1. colinandray · January 16, 2017

    Some interesting thoughts but why “inevitable” in the quote below?
    “Compassion turns to hate in this cruel world, realities are harsh, it’s inevitable.”
    So much hope springs from your words, and yet the above line encourages despair.

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    • bhebs · January 17, 2017

      yes, maybe I have this in mind about ISIS and Pres. Donald Trump and many other problems my country are facing today. The war on drugs and addiction, corruption , terrorism, poverty and many more ….we are heading for change but no matter how hard you give the best of everything that you want to offer to make a beautiful world. Like President duterte himself who was plagued by too many sensational issues like the one issued in france….Duterte a serial killer? As far as I can remember that was the title of the tabloid .. yes,made mistakes he creae change for the majority of people in my country for such, a very short time he addressed all the needs of our nations implementing law in direct force and action. he is one in a million… he might be flawed but his heart is like a rock but for his subordinates its as soft like marshmallows for the welfare of his countryman.
      It’s inevitable because from the story of creation as quoted from the bible….In genesis there was a garden of eden where adam ruled all the animals in the world…a woman plucked from his ribs god make her his helper because adam despite of all the riches and abundance around him seeks a companion . he was very lonely and god saw that he was desperate ….God formed a woman from inside him like the first childbirt. or the yin and yang inside us.It’s inevitable that he choose to stay with Eve and live in hardship with her like the storcy of prodigal son. He was obedient to god’s statute until eve came and put his life in a chaotic frame…..Eve was tempted by the devil so the cycle breaks from paradise to suffering and sacrifice. Adam knows the the fruit was forbidden he saw that Eve lived and he ate it and a new awakening has opened his mind from innocence to the knowing one. He become like God infinite in wisdom but sin has a price….God’s purpose of immortality was suspended and he died a physical death as a price of his disobedience. Satan are here tempting and seducing each one of us to shun from the light and live in darkness….it’s inevitable as long as saan lives here among with us…chaos, frustration and devastaion ,ministers fall from temptation either from wealth or sexual attraction just like the devil to eve and eve to adam…..Like Job and Jesus Christ the was tempted to give up their faith in god and he suffered and died. Ineveitable as long as satan lives and dwell among us …even sometimes inside us.


      • colinandray · January 17, 2017

        I guess we have very different understandings of Christianity. God gave us the freedom of choice, and his son taught us compassion and understanding etc. Compassion may well turn to hatred, and realities may well be harsh.. but it is only inevitable of we allow it.
        We can set the example of compassion and hopefully influence others. We can show friendship to everybody and hopefully spread the word. We can be totally non-judgemental and hope that others see the benefits. We can be a positive influence in our world and who knows, it might just spread!
        Yes, there will always be the detractors; the non-believers; those who wish to exploit others for greed, but there will also be those who set examples of high standards. We need to focus on those individuals who acknowledge Christ’s existence and live by his teachings. The only thing inevitable is that one day our time on earth will end however, while we are still alive, there is much that we can do if we choose.

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      • bhebs · January 17, 2017

        I always have this thought also that drives marriages this far and I fought hard nail and tooth to keep my family intact that nearly suffered towards breaking. It was a very hard fight but through God’s grace everything falls into place prompted by the choice I made. To stand in awe to him, to obey and follow him accept all the beatings on my back and let my self will die with the pain, grudges and hared that I’m harboring against. h/owever, when I choose to stay on the right path to obtain higher understanding about the real meaning of love….Love really means sacrifice and give.If we don’t know how to sacrifice and give then we don’t love. I’m so against divorce and separation . Why a marriage break by simple misunderstandings and a few times of agression…..from compassion to hate….when they reconcile from hate to compassion. Life is a cycle of change. Thank you for saying that we need to focus on those individuals who acknowledge Christ exiistence and live by his teachings. Thank you so much for that piece of wisdom you shared and questioning my thoughts therein.


  2. colinandray · January 17, 2017

    🙂 Where there is life… there is hope. 🙂

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