it’s almost a year since I last posted. Here are a Christmas thoughts for one and all. It’s good to be back and send Christmas wishes from my heart. Have a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

living in love

Dreaming gifts and presents from you

but we have nothing in our pockets

to  buy Christmas gifts,

even wishes sometimes won’t come true.

Just a hug and thoughts  from you

carries more value than treasures that vanish

but you have my heart replenish.

In a manger lies a baby boy , he is called Emmanuel!

Jesus our savior born granting us the greatest gift of all!

The promise of life and a new beginning, opens a new dawning,

that’s worth celebrating giving love sharing peace , spreading joy

throughout the earth. The light of the world he brings as angels

in the heaven sing . Wishing the best for you and me and humanity .

Whispered prayer echoes in the air ,children carolling

on the streets receiving Christmas treats .

Christmas cards and wonderful gifts is shared to one and all.

Thanking you this joyful season brings the greatest love…

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