I come face to face with my Doppelganger. He has my name my identity maybe, my face too. What to do about it. We are almost exactly alike except for a single letter amiss with our name. I’m on a journey searching for the light. While he has found a home in my house in the guise of love. Hope our journey is a  peaceful one filled with love and compassion.

I’ve met doppelganger in our home giving me numbers  to bet on  lottery actually the  winning number came out but I did not bet for it , sadly. The children in my neighborhood were playing bingo as pastime during vacation . Suddenly  they ran outside upon hearing the booming sound from the street. They all came out frantic  from my house  trying to know  what  the commotion was about , running merrily very excited to see what was out there . While, I was left outside fetching water to clean the dishes . They left everything as it was  the canister where the balls of numbers  and the cards are placed in disarray .Suddenly , I heard a sound from inside the house shaking the plastic bottle and a girl’s voice  mouthing the numbers. I was curious what it was or who was inside ,since I know that the children are out there .

Peeping outside who it was. I saw my niece running to the kitchen but I haven’t seen her face just her long wavy hair . I just wonder with the hair because my niece hair is straight not wavy. I called her name and looking for her around the house but there’s no one inside. I was not afraid just a bit withdrawn and confused of who it was. Actually it was not my first .

Someone, told me that they saw me inside the house while , I was in  vacation . They thought that it was me and I was home when they question the children , of course they too are confused.



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