In silence

Heavy heart’s  beating  in silence

revealing raw ugly flaw

gnawing  repetitive emotions

words tumbled on the bed of thorns

promises made are broken

a tragic virtual  demise

true worth questioned.


In silent retreat

listening to my heartbeat

what it tells me matters most

can’t face to meet the worst

in hindsight flashes of foresight

when things are not right

when it was too good to be true.

I’m forced to counter flow.


It’s storms  which am afraid of

not the shower of blessings in your hand

who could not wish to advance?

Promise  a future fortunate found.

Been burned before could I let myself embroiled?


Charmed but I’m terribly broke

pieces of me bound in parcel

thrown to the deepest trench

of the sea . Hopelessly irretrievable.


Peace and serenity what after’s my heart

at the moment for a new start.

To fathom the day and seize life

with thoughts clarity  as fair  price.