dance with the wind

Stomp your  feet and dance with the moon and the stars simmer in its warmth and light . Let its radiance  brought forth the magic that is missing in your soul. Sparkle and shine to achieve what you want the best  that you want to be.

Dance with the beauty of nature ,drinking from the cup of  its loveliness simmer its power within you  does great wonders in your soul to expand to hold what is within you that Midas touch turning every ordinary things to gold.

Dance with the spirit of the wind that echoes through the hills the valleys and the dales.Dance with joy bursting in your heart making your spirit rise to the highest peak. Delight that  the  magical sonata of the universe is within your grasp .

Dance with the music of life that manifest in the air around you . bring it in !The wonders and the greatness that’s within you.