Dead bodies fallen on the ground fighting for a cause, death awaits like a shadow hanging on the wall; inescapable.

blood drips on the ground red dark and crimson like fallen trees burrowed deep to the earth; uprooted.

Victory sought  by the crowned;  people frown for the loss and  sufferings  died in silence their bodies drained and wither with the wind.

Losing the ones we love in a cause to find peace and unity in the world or within ourselves,fighting for freedom.

Battle cry shouts of anguish and derision echoes heart’s   hoping peace unites the world in chaos.

Despair take its lonesome plight as we follow each painful trail while looking past with the remains of war.

booming sound of foreboding clamors in the air ,  fighting for a cause or freedom.   Pawn of their fray power and pride towers above in an  indignant resilient  stride pushing forward .

silence reign over the bodies of the fallen unable to rise again ….victory a prize whom so much life has been taken where no one wins.

life’s a cycle we’re all entrenched in  how has been in the past transpire again.



  1. bhavpreet · November 21, 2015

    nice writing dear .. catchy and entertaining .. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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