moon spell

He said, “We’ll share our lifetime in every written page where promised laid with sweet scented roses though fickled and dried blooms burrowed between the pages of a  book.  Like sparkling diamonds in each fold our little treasure from the time of old. Cherished and adored.”

The sacred vows they uttered over again where the universe unleashed our prayers the songs and melodies of hearts where love is found in exquisite splendor.

Inked, linked twined together through distance and time they waited for each other until the moment they become one.

Traversing time and space holding onto their promises in a thousand lifetime with the myriads of stars lighting their path until a time let them meet again.

Love and kisses sweet bliss treasured moments mingled splashes of blossomed happiness incite joy and exultation within their hearts the moment two beings collide.

Succulent words tasted sweet and tender like a breath of flowers on the field spreading aroma of happiness deeper within her  beating core exploring mind that can’t be controled in wonders where imaginations soar to a distant tomorrow eyes looking into space. Meandering visionary tales of happy endings.

Nor time, nor distance, nor space can separate when two flames meet burning in their passion deep with their love so divine and sweetly refined .words tasty and sweet have the power to melt a heart like an ice cream under the sunny heat.

Love finds its place in our hearts, lives within us like a candle that will never burned out.

Resting on the blanketed earth, with the sky above the ceiling decorated with stars and moonshine. The moment lasted in their hearts as tomorrow promised a new start.


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