sparks of inspiration

within you there’s a light that shine like diamonds in the sky. Let your brilliance illuminates the darkness giving way to light the road ahead for someone who was lost in the mist.

Shine like that brilliant star hanging up in the sky let your inner light  shimmer and  spark  with charity and love  giving hope in this world  full of trouble and desolaton .  That gives inspiration for those   hearts frozen from anguish  and strife who suffers from the shame of our human imperfect existence.

Life is unfair sometimes the rich got richer , the poor get poorer  the blatant breach between them are far fetched.

There are those who  are bullied and victimized  with malicious intent from  the words that bleed and bruised.


There’s still those who dwell among  us ,rich men who fight for the welfare of those less fortunate. Good and bad dwells   within us  it’s inside us we have the power to build and  destroy , such is the power of men. I salute the rich and famous who have a golden hearts , who see the good in everyone . Those who lend their hands  and  share whatever they have to those  who are in need.

World of indifference ….wake up ! you’re not alone we are all like a lost child hiding in the dark each putting a mask to hide the fears hidden in our hearts. Stop  the discrimination open your hearts for everyone then you’ll learn that there is great joy in sharing .”


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