Goddess of the night

2027368-bigthumbnailthe moon stands still

silvery lights spread

like a  torch in the dark


A beacon calling from afar

dreams and magical  spells answered

under the shadow of the moon

gems sparkle along  the   glinting stream



Goddess of the night

supreme and bright

afar we seek your light

bringing emotions rise

in your ebbs and tide

 dancing with your light

mirroring on the river

 a mighty set  of pearl

shining like  a diamond in the sky

enslaved by the  beauty  of your imperfections


spread your glare of whiteness

 show your mighty  force

 casting   starkest  night ,

come and spread your light

worshiping your brilliance

amidst  the dimness of the night .

Divine and bright

 Lady of the night bathe

in shimmery lights.

photo credit: desktop nexus.com


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