with your hand in mine ( something, I need to know)

questions popping

in my head

finding something

to truth that leads


wanna know the answers

wrong I’ve been

where purpose seek

I’m lost in the drain


help, is everywhere

where answers be found

stars brightly gathers

up high , where I lie.


mistakes , I have many

hurting heart’s of somebody

cruel, might be I

not seeing the tears in your eyes


compress my fears to let you in

let love in dwells within

together your hands in mine

things will go just fine


Love might, I refuse to see

the love we’ll share for eternity

pardon me for blind was I

I’ll do my best not to make you cry.


Let’s share the love that brilliant light,

help me see through the night.

the truth revealed must prevail

truth from lies;  unveiled


to sail the sea in calm serenity

together, with your hand in mine


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