For the longest time staying home and grounding myself with redundancy of everyday mundane task. washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning . thinking to myself ” Oh God, when will all this everyday ritual ends ” .

A friend came to visit with a sunny countenance at my doorstep. You know what it means when a friend suddenly appears at your door teary eyed? Can’t help it, pouring each other’s sleeve and an idea appears in our foolish head.

Getting ourselves ready to march and hoard the streets with our eyes marveling at the prices of goods that we can’t afford to buy , just wishy washy at the prices .Why suddenly come to a high increase, hmm….

Quite a good change of environment suddenly, I remember that I’ve been  enclosed in the house for a very long time , that seeing beautiful scenery is a therapy . I feel the tension leaves my body forgetting that I’ve been to hard on myself lately, following those self  imposing rule of dignified foolish pride of isolation to a degree of discriminating myself from the new trends and fashion of everyday living.

We come across a street , seeing a fat older woman , looking at us with a questioning eyes. She happens to be a medium, a close acquaintance of my friend. Sitting there , talking and laughing at those ancient antics we conjured in our heads . Suddenly, she looks at me intently, closing her eyes as if , She’s looking at a wonderful picture at the back of her mind but wondering what it was.

Grabbing my hands which, I offered reluctantly to her , looking at the imprints tattooed at my palms. Where I noticed as I aged there were lines there that wasn’t there before.

She said , why don’t you go and work overseas? you have  a lucky streak there. I was thinking hard. Yes, battling between working at home or working overseas . A question that , I want some answers. I need a new environment and learn a new trade , knowing that , I love serving people and giving a piece of me is my sweet  piece of heaven.

Counting on the pros and cons , Yes, I made a decision but it’s very hard to decide something that will change your life forever.

Questions of dual priorities between yourself and family ,they both weight heavily and I sigh wearily . Decisions indeed are  mind blowing  . I still have a headache. Working home made lots of complications that can drag my professionalism , thus bringing me downhill to the road of doubts and uncertainty.



  1. bhavpreet · October 12, 2015

    this is worthy to read

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  2. Sherrie de Valeria · October 12, 2015

    I am fortunate to have both the job and kids in balance, for now.
    I hope that in the next future that it stays like this always.
    And I do wish you all the best in this life and see what prioriaties comes first in your list and if you can put up with a career. 🙂

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    • franz · October 12, 2015

      I asked my hubby about putting up a career. He won’t obliged to my wishes. I wonder if I do everything my way he might blow up everything in my face. I’ve have had traumatic experience with his destructive behavior. I’m afraid to gamble but I really want to work . I desperately need one. Thanks for the concerns.

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      • Sherrie de Valeria · October 12, 2015

        I am sorry about this, my dear Franz.
        I do not know your husband, but from the sounds of it he doesn’t want an independent wife who perhaps may earn more money or extra for herself. That way he can control you in his grasp.

        My husband were happy when I am working (still) even after we have 7 kids. I need not to go to work because he does really earn good earnings. But that is not the point. I want to work and I want to earn my own money, and there is no need to always depending on him whenever I want to buy something extra for myself, for the kids or even for the house.

        But, the one things I most fear is that, if anything happen to him, so I am not that helpless without someone taking care of things for the family such as finance.

        I hope for all the BEST for you! Be courageable and be brave.


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      • franz · October 12, 2015

        Yes, you’re definitely right. We think the same, I’m a very passionate person who loves to serve people and community. It’s my joy and fulfillment but we think differently.I really want to work from home or away from home or stay at home its a battle that I have to face.

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      • Sherrie de Valeria · October 12, 2015

        Still, I wish you all the best of all the best in life, my dear friend!
        Do take care then!

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      • franz · October 13, 2015

        Thank you for your wonderful heart and blessings from the bounty of God’s love be yours my friend.

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