I am ( the man in the mirror)

I am the child of the universe

captures the  reflection of his divine grace

the ray of the sun is upon my hair

trailing down to my feet like daffodils

angels wings wrapped  around me

the warm embrace  of his gentle grace.

His love is a robe covering my chest

protecting me from my nemesis

my heart is teeming with happiness

he surrounds me from my head

down to my toes;

bending my knees

seeking solace marveling on his promises

a beacon at night beckoning me home.


I deserve all  the wonders the world can give

the moon shines in the sky to warm my nights

guiding me  when I’m lost in the dark

Only I, know who I am inside for no man

 must judge who I am ,

 least the finger-pointing at me will question him

the world can offer the desires of my heart granted by the hands of God

for , I deserve to have what I want best for me ,

picture credit to:

picture credit space.com

akin to the needs of humanity

Like a bird , caged unable to soar . I want to fly like an eagle in the sky

Soaring up high above the stormy clouds

calling on the universe to answer my needs for

I am the child of the universe.

I am the child of God  and we are One.



  1. Nicodemas · October 10, 2015

    Beautiful! Keep flying!


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