alone in the darkness

He bind my hands

put fetters on my feet

shatter my soul to pieces

break me each time ,I fall

laughing at my demise.

Love deprive from the start

a mother , a father not in sight

to lift her spirit up

In a cage she wilted

depression and anxiety

her constant company

Wishing for the darkness to take her

and the night to cover her shame.

Love found from friends, she find

 pleasure and happiness sublime

in the hands of the divine.

withdrawn and alone

left with a scar stems from her childhood

that infects through the marrow of her soul

a wound that won’t heal unless

she’ll pull away from his lair.

Trilling in the top of her lungs

making her shouts echo through

the rooftops but no one’s there

to hear her songs of plea

left in her cage to rot unable to fight

waiting for the pain to subside

until freedom arrive.

 P.S. In response to the darkness prompt In October month