seasons of change

Time passes with every ticking of the clock

can’t be recalled, gone without a trace but memories

season’s change in a cycle we can’t control in a certain point of time.

nature evolves  through a path of transformation.

A tree  grows  strong and sturdy ,a miracle  from a tiny seed

left in  the ground to die to sprout and worship the sun

branches spread with arms that expands the expanse of the earth

to nurture, to shield , to comfort , to shelter and nourish life.

flowers buds and bloom  beauty unsurpassed

a loveliness filled with sweetness and delight

beast that prowls in the forest, birds soaring in the sky

all that creeps and fly grows from a suckling to predators

tiny eggs laid in a nest as eagles cleave for rocks cliff to shelter

their young .  Mammals in the field eat with grass and dew

as fishes swims freely  within the vastness of the sea

Everything changes it evolves before my eyes

they grow , transform and alters with time

like a caterpillar wraps in its cocoon in winter

to emerge as a pretty fluttering view in the garden

at springtime.

Does people and feelings change ?

unpredictable as the weather and

consistent like the seasons of change?

like the sun that never forgets to wake up

to greet the earth with its dazzling smile

goes down from its throne to let the moon

watch the world at night streaming silvery lights

burrowing from its reflection

Many light years have passed

a million years no man can’t count ,but

God is here and now from eternity to infinity

Man was created from dust to dust a sheltered soul

that evolves from the cradle to the grave until

time stops all was left are his legacy, if there is or

he’ll vanish in the darkest night; unremembered.

Changes from phases to stages like  frogs  with eyes  that bulges

from its socket fearing death and rejection; man.

Lessons of nature reflects who I am

forging forces and powers that beyond and above me

straddling with the waves of constant struggles

surfing with the waves of misery while trials and afflictions hits my way

dancing with the sound of  the breeze the wind pipe of the earth

trotting dragonflies fluttering about as fireflies fiery glow at night

glistens like stars under the sky in a moonlit night

glorious days arise victory is the prize the award we all receive

in the afterlife ; promise of eternal bliss you’ll never miss.

The meaning of life if you will find a treasure the world combined

is at your command just choose wisely to  emerge victorious in a battle

called life on mother earth .  Where only the fittest survives.




  1. persoinpoesia2015 · September 25, 2015

    Wow! You really expressed so much feeling and the imagery is awesome. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The V-Pub · October 14, 2015

    So very beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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