darkest fantasy

kissing their  thoughts as it tingled with happiness

having  him near her is heavenly bliss

the universe sings with the stars and the planets                                                            within the galaxy

their spirit soars higher as their love grows deeper

heated passion, wanton desires unleashed carnal needs

for each other as two bodies entwined in a  pulsating  twirl

Spirits spinning in a sweet embrace a sensual gesture of happiness

two lovers meet in a space and time interlaced in an ancient melodies,

the rhythm of their heartbeats moves in a sensual synchronized beat

with the rhythm of their bodies orgasmic pleasures filling their needs

Drowning in the deepest abyss as fire and water intertwined bound by fate

their passions exploded a supernova in the sky heaven suspended in a trance

as  two stars shines brightly borrowing each others light cuddled in a twist

in a tight embrace when two souls collided , fire blazing eternally alive when true loves

found and locked each others eyes.

it’s just a fruit of an active imagination from someone who loves infinity which is just a woven fantasy nothing  real. Ho ho ho imagination that’s all I have at the moment when you have no one beside you.  Your mind become active given the restrictions in using my net connections computers at home left in a rot. I’m glad, I still have a pen and a notebook to write my thoughts and cheats an hour in a net café just to post.



  1. persoinpoesia2015 · September 22, 2015

    nicely written…great imagery

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jovenquintos1973 · September 23, 2015

    All members wp I’m apologize don’t comment to my beloved wife I have problem to my family so plss understanding my setuition tthank you PS husband


    • franz · September 24, 2015

      Good, sweetheart salamat thank you for everything. Now, I know what to do with us! I only talk with you you’re still jealous?


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