There’s one thing I’m certain about

you promised to change for me

I thought you do but

how can you  make a sturdy

bent tree straight

now, I’m certain that you’ll never change at all

It’s so painful to see how much we hurt

each other over some insignificant matter.

I wanna run and hide, if I do

how can we make things right.

Do I have to stand and stay for us to survive

even its tearing me apart ?



  1. williamchasterson · August 12, 2015

    Reblogged this on William Chasterson and commented:

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  2. charlypriest · August 12, 2015

    Would be nice if people could change wouldn´t it?

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    • franz · August 12, 2015

      truly …..wishing with all my heart but change indeed is very hard to do.


      • charlypriest · August 12, 2015

        I figured some time ago, that I just can´t change people for them to fit in my colour made perfect glasses, so each to his own and if you don´t like that person just leave them in the past and I really don´t look much to the past. It would be sort of a self torture. And the ones that you like but obviously are not perfect, just accept them with their good and their bad and……smile ! be happy !

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      • franz · August 12, 2015

        Thank you, Its a great word of upliftment that I receive today . I’ve been fishing for advice . I know that nobody s perfect and that we must love the imperfections of others to see the beauty in us

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  3. Trudy · August 12, 2015

    Love shouldn’t hurt so much.


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