a journey :

Our journey in life is like climbing a very steep mountain ,going up is very tricky and perilous but we have to climb or you’ll end up in a rot.

Looking back, I can see clearly now why and what takes place in my life happens for a reason good or bad it serves as a lesson and blessings to learn and to be grateful from.

Before, I was a very naïve, painfully shy with a very low self-esteem. Because I’ve been hurt and badly treated by someone I  trust. Thinking that I’m a  stupid fool little did he know that ,I know what he is doing . I just don’t want to fight back or retaliate because I have a God who’ll fight back for me this is my life’s testimony.I realized   that my traumatic experience cut  me really deep. I just learned that it wreck me through  my internal integral being ; my soul. I try to keep my sanity intact still the nagging pain is digging a big hole in my heart thus, I learned to love all but trust a few.  Though,  I tried to be positive in my pathetic situation still, those painful memories was at the back of my brain it won’t badge. I’ve been healed before but it comes back once again. It’s like a malignant tumor that has been cured but it manifest and infest again .

I’ve been through a very traumatic situation in life from my childhood onwards , I don’t know how to heal from my pain . My trials and  testings in life that I went through make me doubts people intentions sometimes. I’ve develop this intuitive side of me that make me doubt the intention of someone.

I know, that I don’t have the  right to fight back  what has been thrown  to me .I let my God and my angels do the fighting in my silence , I won in the end. Sadly, I realize my enemies failures makes me suffer too it broke my heart to see them in pain and see them  in  constant struggles .  I made a pact with myself not to harbor grudge to anyone ever again.

I will suffer in vain but I know all the pains that I’ve been through will be remembered by my maker knowing I’ll be rewarded in the end.

On the path going up to the top is not easy there are pitfalls along the way . A snake might be hiding under the bushes and bite your heel we don’t know the perils that we are about to take. It takes courage, strength and stamina to get to the top . Before climbing , we must  be sure that we are fit enough or you’ll end up rolling down that steeply hill. Falling down is very painful or it might cost your life so, we must be careful and make sure that we are fit and ready enough  for that mythical climb.

We know that life is a school and from this school, we learn wisdom and knowledge through education and lifelong experience  that we meet along the way as we progress and aged. It is through this learning experience that will  empower  and equip you to lead a successful and happy life in the end.

Don’t be afraid of failures make it a stepping stone  to propel you to move  forward  and help you to reach your farfetched  goal in life.Move forward each day ,with renewed strength to start again and build a new beginning for rewards come by not quitting. Don’t be afraid by what people say you know yourself more don’t let their perception of you drown your spirit.

To begin again, always make a step forward a single step is better than not stepping at all.

In our journey there are storms and thunder that will hinder us or the baking heat of the sun that scorch our skin with sunburns.  Continue on your journey don’t give up.

At forty, I learned my lesson the hard way . I want to create a brighter future for me by initiating it today it may be a long ride to the mountain top which is my goal at least, I’m making progress for me this is a big accomplishment in addressing my dreams.

Writing has been my first love . I remember that I want to take up journalism but there’s no offered courses at that time . I love psychology but my dream to write lead me to take up ABE  in the  best school in our vicinity as a scholar. I’ve been writing poetry , it’s my greatest   dream,  painting  pictures in my poems. My brother is a good illustrator , he paints pictures ,  he can sing , strum a guitar and has been the artist of the year while, I’m just a bronze awarded essay writer for an inter school competition of 12 students . I got envious of his talents while, I stay on the backdrop.

I want to get on the top of that mountain . I may start late in life it’s okay than not trying anything at all. I have years ahead of me to harness my creative inspiration though, am losing time but it’s a good start to try  climbing  once again by trying to relive my childhood dreams.

Fight your way up to the top  keep on striving and don’t lost hope even failures hit you hard many times. It’s  in trying and a faith that says I don’t give up  will make you succeed . Move forward ….. an inspiring words for myself and for those  who are losing hope in life.



  1. colinandray · July 29, 2015

    Very inspiring. Keep climbing that mountain, and keep expressing yourself in poetry and other writings. No doubt there are many people drawing strength from your experiences. You should be very pleased with the progress that you have made :).

    Liked by 1 person

    • franz · July 29, 2015

      Thank you so much, Colin . Its always an honor to garner compliments from you . I’m very happy for that progress, yay!

      Liked by 1 person

      • colinandray · July 29, 2015

        You should be very happy because you have done so well. We both know that there will be difficult times in the future, but we also both know that you will able to rise above them. Stay happy ……….. keep smiling! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • franz · July 29, 2015

        Thank you, so much. I will be happy and will keep on smiling even in trying times . Knowing that l it takes out years of wear and tear on my face (wrinkles and crinkles) hehehe.

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  2. cote8050 · August 2, 2015

    You are so strong and your words so encouraging… thank you! Michelle


  3. eyes93 · August 11, 2015

    It’s never too late… Be determined and pursue what you love . In the end while walking with everyone and for everyone you’ll regret that noone walked for you. It is your journey … It’s chance of a lifetime .DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

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