Lovella, is known for her beauty courage and kindness  everyone in her town loved her  and doted on her charming personality.Whenever there were sick person in their town shes was always  there to lend a hand.

The smile she always wear  on her pretty face is like a balm of fresh summer breeze and blue skies to everyone around her. People love her so much she brightens a room when she’s around.  She loved to help people in need and give everything she have even the food that she have to eat for herself to others.Her mother and father loved her they won’t let her know that they are very proud of their daughter.

Lovella have an older  brother Ben who lives in the city with his wife . He is an engineer due to his work he have to leave home with his wife and find a close apartment nearby . They are very close to each other joking and bantering when they are together.

One winter day , Ben called to their parents .Grace, his wife is going to give birth soon  to their eldest baby boy  they are so excited for this baby to come out in this world everyone is expecting a healthy and beautiful child. Ben, asked his parents to come to the city to let them see the precious gift that life presented to him his firstborn son. Grace is having difficulty in delivering the child he want his parents to be there to help.

The storm is getting nastier , Lovella pleaded to his parents not to go but they insist on going on with their plan she was afraid for she was alone with her dog.

Out in the coldness of the night the couple huddled together to set foot on their journey.. As they pass on the devils track where the roads is winding and very slippery.The car  lost its control they can’t see the  road ahead through thick fog  fierce pouring rain they cannot see what’s in front of them the road is  hidden from visible eyes. The car swerve on the right side falling down to  the cliff 200 meters below.

Their parents time of death was also the time the child came out to greet the world. Lovella’s grief was so immense she cried bitter tears she laments for her terrible loss and her neighbors are mourning with her they are very sorry for  her.

She lived alone in their ancestral home she can’t leave their  house where memories with her parents are very precious to her .  Since then, she have change the lovely charming and generous woman they see is lonely and detached from everyone  now. Gone was the smile that she readily ive to everyone she met. She often went to their cottage by the woods with her dog on her side her constant companion.

She walked along a narrow path to the forest where she love to go where berries are growing abundantly. she gather as many as she could to make jams and sell it back to the city as  one of her source of living. This part of the woods are their property so she’s could roam around as long as she need to.

She came to her sacred place where she love to stay the most this is her hidden  paradise. The spring is hidden by tall trees and plants around it on a first glance you can actually compare it to a paradise. She loved this particular part of the forest the virginal beauty never stop to amaze her, for a while it makes her forget her longings .Wanting to take a dip looking at the sky it’s perfect for a nice bath. The water is very refreshing to her tired bones and muscles. She heard the cracklings of the leaves then, she saw him, a handsome man   and  her gut wrenches at the sight of him seeing his back under an old oak tree . She wondered who he is , she want to go near him and reprimand him that he is stepping on her property . But fear set in her heart looking back at his direction he was gone she wondered who he was is he a being out of this world?

Since that day the image of the man never left at the back of her mind , he remains a mystery to her until one day.

Her application  is accepted . She’s going to work as a teacher in a nearby school in her small village where people who lives there are distant relatives. Preparing for her first day she was very excited for landing a job teaching  as kindergarten  teacher , she loves children.

Starting on her first class there she meet him a father of one of her students. She felt her heart sag at the sight of him obviously married  but she felt her fast heartbeat that  caught up  with her breath. Then, he smile at her but she give him a nod don’t want him to notice that he distract and confuse her own little world.

Disappointed , telling herself someday she gonna find the man of her dreams not with a married man but she learned that he is a widower . He goes up to the woods to vent his emotions through the death of his beloved wife.

Hopes rise within her ….



  1. Sherrie de Valeria · July 25, 2015

    Oh, this is so romantic!
    Perhaps both of them might cross each other’s path once again …
    Love can happen at the odd moment … 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • franz · July 25, 2015

      yes…. that will be to be continued . I realize story writing is not an easy task . Thank you, for the kind remarks . 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sherrie de Valeria · July 25, 2015

        I know. I write a lot to make a good practise but every time it is a challenge.
        Cannot wait to read the next one … 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • franz · July 27, 2015

        Yes, you are right my imagination got stucked but I want to practice more Its my childhood dream . Its too late for me to get started actually, my dream is to paint pictures with words.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. jovenquintos1973 · July 25, 2015


    Liked by 1 person

  3. cote8050 · July 27, 2015

    I loved this!!! I want to know more!! thank you. Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

    • franz · July 27, 2015

      Thank you, Michelle your remarks really lift up my spirit.


  4. AtiyahRosdi · August 3, 2015

    I wonder if it’s a true story 😥


    • bhebs · January 7, 2017

      no it’s not just a spark of my imagination….Thanks for taking your time to read. I greatly appreciate it.


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