my beloved buddy

We used to play outside,  down the alley going to the street.  We”ll ran together, it serve as a good exercise for the  both of us.  He  then will stand with  his  hind  legs   leaping at me each  time he catch me .I’ll laugh each time  he  do that ,  then he’ll  reach out to kiss me   a hint for some treat. He was always there to make me happy . When I feel so very low and depressed he’ll never leave  at my side. He brightens my gloomy days certainly, I could never found someone like him.

Whenever he is near my vitality will surge he brings a stimulating power around him an energy that I can’t put into words.

There  were times that  he’ll  show his  mischievous side when he messed our house bringing dirt with him from the outside. Most of the time when I sit on the couch he would join me and start  raining kisses to my face.

I miss him immensely . When he was gone forever from my life it was then how I value his importance reliving our happy memories.  There were nights that I cried from missing him.

I remember ,how many times he makes me feel alive and now he was gone .I can feel this incurable hole in my heart due to his passing a few weeks back.I was sad because he might be looking for me while, I’m off to my Aunt to stay for a few weeks.I know he was lonely without me. Upon knowing of his death I feel really depressed and that loneliness never left since then.

I miss Raffy, my best friend, my buddy , my dog.

An abandoned  kitty came to the rescue to save the day.


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