nature calls

flowers a bloom in the fiery field

stretching far and wide

that my sight can held

dressed in colorful array

displayed magically

joy bursting deep within

grabbing  a floral piece place in my ear

spreading my arms to receive these gifts with flair

a beauty of splendour and surprise

waves of euphoria wash deep within

restoring peace and happiness

a salve to my aching soul

Sleeping beneath the summer heat

cottony clouds drifts in the air

screening the sky under a tree

sun rays shooting from above

image from pinterest

image from pinterest

nature’s call captures an endless melody

birds chirping , humming bees,  and cicadas

echoes a chorus sublimely divine

creates an orchestra  a symphony at play

the music of nature capture an endless

beauty in my heart  a song in my memory

a melody of wonder and delight an expression

to the bounty of God’s Love.


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