can I?

Can I?

chart my path

and gain a place

among the stars.

If I will be

a moon at night .

Can you be the sun in the sky?

Where, I can bask in your brilliant light

can you give me a place to be me

Where I’m comfortable with myself?

Can I be me and freely explore my talents

skills and creativity .

Can you give us the freedom to write the contents

of our hearts?

as little children we make mistakes and lost our ways

will you  love us unconditionally and learn to be patient with me?

Please, listen to the plea’s  of your children in despair

lend  us your  ear and handle us with care not with a whip to scare

but demand discipline if we falter and fail .

So please be fair.

With all my love

With all due respect

for those on high places

humbly I state my case

pleading with heartfelt consideration

for the welfare of all.

I’m just a Newby

with nothing to flaunt

with all my uncertainty

here, I found a family that makes me happy.


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