speak softly, please

speak softly, please tell me what’s in your mind

and show me what’s in your heart

speak softly, please not out of anger

or out of great rage 

don’t break my heart ,don’t make me bleed

speak softly, please do it with respect

not with an accusing eyes filled with hate 

don’t make me feel smaller than a bird in a cage

speak softly, please my heart is more fragile than a glass

don’t break my heart, don’t tear it apart 

the venom that you spit will stop my heartbeat 

chilling my heart until it become as cold as ice

squeezing my heart freezing my bones into stone

leading to eternal torment of our souls

speak softly ,please with words of appreciation

words that inspires, words that makes my heart jump

filling my hopes, casting fears  a guiding light to my despair


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